The hotel central air conditioning ventilation system of the office building purification scheme

by:Funglan     2020-11-11
Purification of office building hotel central air conditioning ventilation system scheme with the social development, more and more of an office building, large hotels, for a new or renovated house, immediately move in the harm to the body is not possible, because, formaldehyde, bacteria may be room for household decorate after gears nothing important matter, such as general office hotel decorate good is about to open, as a result, some office hotel decoration pollution, the air ventilation is attracted everybody's attention. Like this hotel large office building at the time of design will use a central air conditioning, central air conditioning general way have all air centralized low wind speed system, fan coil plus fresh air system and heat pump air conditioning system and so on a variety of ways. Heat pump air conditioning system is roughly divided into four categories: 1, the buried pipe closed-circuit ground source heat pump air conditioning mode 2, 3 air-cooled heat pump air conditioning mode, water source heat pump air conditioning mode 4, water loop heat pump air conditioning mode. All air of centralized system is the most widely used low wind speed. Here are the ministry of health of the air supply system air handling the indicators to make strict rules and measures, including: supply sanitary requirements office has small size, small area of 6000 square meters the following, can adopt the distributed air conditioning system. Medium scale construction area of 6000 square meters of office buildings and 20000 square meters, can adopt centralized or half centralized air conditioning system. Large office building area of over 20000 square meters, can be used in a variety of air-conditioning energy saving measures and energy recovery measures. Hotel, newcomer is guest, from the hall into the guest room or to rest, all want to let the customer enjoy the fresh clean air, the production of central air-conditioning ventilation system of central air conditioning purifier, with the central air conditioning systems, and medical air sterilizer series product, can use in a relatively small space, such as conference room, office, hotel rooms, etc. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. The hotel offers a variety of office building purification scheme of central air conditioning ventilation system, etc
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