The implementation of the new national standard for a year, more than 100 air disinfection machine brand disappear

by:Funglan     2020-11-12
In recent years, as the fog haze weather in many domestic cities, frequent outbreak of large area, China's air sterilizer market also will usher in a wave of explosive growth. According to the China air purifier industry market demand forecasting and analysis report, according to data in 2014, our country air sterilizer annual sales of 15. 1 billion yuan, 11. 8 billion yuan in 2015, rising again in 2016 sales, 135. 100 million yuan, sales of 5. 77 million units. As office, school, etc. In addition to the family environment to start the installation of air disinfection machine, also contributing to the industry to broaden sales channels. Thus, in the past two years the air disinfection machine market. With the industry experts predict that the next ten years China's air disinfection machine industry headed to the fast-growing channel, and usher in a most striking billions of environmental protection industry market. With two flourishing representation of supply and demand, however, can not cover up the various supply problems and even chaos. Throughout the past five years the development of the air purifier in China market, & other; Brand out-of-order increase product & throughout; Is summarized characteristics of an empty net market development in our country the most apt of 16 words. It is the implementation of the new national standard to control the air sterilizer mess. The personage inside course of study thinks, the release of a new national standard to fundamentally change the air disinfector market & other; Evaluation & throughout; With & other; Mark & throughout; Chaos phenomenon, the author in certain degree to different false propaganda, existing in the current industry standards, certification bodies is multifarious, such as chaos, to further standardize the market, guide consumption, improve product quality has a positive role in security. Past march is the new national standard, the one year anniversary of China's new national standard implementation over the past year, the air purifier has more than 100 air purifier brand, to promote the development of industry norms and the obvious effect of superior bad discard. The mission of air disinfection machine to move on. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machines, air disinfection machine brand products
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