The importance of central air conditioner disinfection purifier

by:Funglan     2020-10-23
The importance of central air conditioner disinfection purifier is self-evident importance of central air conditioning for our lives,, a little bit people, must have a central air conditioning, generally not to are few, many air quality has been seriously, central air conditioner disinfection purifier and central air conditioning is essential, especially in public places. In 1976 the United States found the first caused by air pollution & other; Legionella infection & throughout; Since the events, all parts of the world have air conditioning pollution & other; Legionella infection & throughout; In the report. Taipei's department of health survey showed that: at the station, beauty salon, restaurant, swimming pool, cinema, KTV, and the air conditioning in the hospital and other places of the eight, 30% legionella bacteria detection hospital detection rate is as high as 47%. Resistance to weak suction legionella bacteria could be fatal. It is understood that the air conditioning of the fin heat exchanger and the filter is dust accumulation, is also a hotbed of bacteria and other microorganisms. Air conditioning refrigeration ( Hot) Performance has brought people comfortable, but also brought negative effects on indoor air quality. Air conditioning has become an important pollution sources. Central air conditioning has now spread to various occasions, but has not been effective control of air-condition disease problem, in July 2006, shenzhen center for disease control and prevention announced the city's air conditioning system of high-grade hotels and public health check, the legionella bacteria detection rate is as high as 75%, in 2004, the ministry of health has organized a national air conditioning and ventilation systems in public places health supervision and inspection, the results showed that the country 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 60 cities, 937 in the public places, qualified only 58, only six of the total number of sampling. 2%. The construction of our country in the aspect of public health facilities, across the country, the development of various regions and trades is not balanced, especially the enormous quantity wide public, commercial office buildings and other public health issues are still outstanding, some still quite serious. Central air conditioning ventilation system of purification and disinfection is the focus of the public health infrastructure. So cause central air conditioning construction is the main cause of indoor air pollution? 1, in order to comfort and energy saving, people are constantly trying to improve the sealing of modern architecture; 2 and the modern new building widespread phenomenon of insufficient air volume; 3, indispensable to modern building central air conditioning has become the sources of pollution, etc. 4, central air conditioning construction the main sources of indoor air pollution for the following four: ( 1) Finned heat exchanger, filter device and pipeline system ( 2) Cooling water system ( 3) Human activities: smoking, cooking, make up, 4) Intrusion of outdoor air pollutants, such as automobile exhaust in order to solve the central air polluting, the best is the most effective ways to install central air conditioner disinfection purifier in central air conditioning, and only the most effective one of the best ways to solve indoor air cross infection, many public places are also aware of the problem, especially the new building hotel market, etc. , when I was in the design of structures, make clear a regulation to install the central air conditioning purification disinfector, assure indoor air quality, but also can solve the central air-conditioning cleaning maintenance costs. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air conditioning sterilization machine, central air purifier, mall central air conditioning, and other products
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