The latest central air conditioner disinfection purifier used a rope

by:Funglan     2020-10-12
Central air conditioner disinfection purifier USES a cable central air conditioner disinfection purifier in accordance with the measures for the central air conditioning ventilation system health management in public places, draw lessons from the world's top plasma disinfection purification, electrostatic dust collection sterilization technology, optical hydrogen ions, nano photonics technology, combined with semiconductor patent air disinfection technology, disinfection, dust removal, deodorization, purification, to thoroughly solve the problem of air quality in the central air conditioning. A, 1, rise to prevent chronic and sudden spread air pollution, the air sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, purification of also can cut down the cost of central air conditioning clean every year at the same time, reduce the decoration pollution air odor overhead expenses, improve research building, hotels, Banks, office buildings, exhibition center, stadium, airport utilization. 2, economic benefits compared with than traditional filtering method, central air conditioner disinfection purifier saves the consumable materials, lower running cost, and reduce power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. Second, the main technology of 1, coarse filter to prevent small animals and large particles into the air conditioning. 2, electrostatic air purification sterilization. 3, plasma photocatalytic purification. 4, optical hydrogen ions sterilization. 5, according to the need to increase the original installation import nanometer photocatalytic + uv-filter disinfection, produce light hydrogen ions and nano photonic purification disinfection. Research and development of the central air conditioner disinfection purifier installed in the wind, air supply outlet, return air mouth, such as convenient, operation and maintenance is very convenient. Characteristics: 1, applicable widely, according to the air volume and size custom-made. 2, according to the requirements of customers to handle air volume can be flexible combination. Can be multiple units to deal with air volume order. 3, for various types of air conditioning systems. Several kinds of 4, specifications, size flexible, can be installed in different locations, can be customized in accordance with the specific customer requirements. 5, automatic operation, high voltage constant current. Linkage with air conditioning. 6, good stability. Application places: office buildings, hospitals, food workshop, beverage workshop, airport, library, science and technology museum, waiting ( Car) Room, gym, fitness, shopping malls, conference room, office, room, etc. Basically is the place that has installed central air-conditioning, really is for the universal central air conditioner disinfection purifier, as can be seen from the above introduction also, its effect is also very much! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air disinfector, central air purification machine, central air purifier, and other products
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