The lowest cost of central air conditioning air disinfection purification solutions

by:Funglan     2020-11-09
The emergence of central air conditioning, greatly improved the people's life and production conditions. With the improvement of social productivity and science and technology, the development of air conditioning technology to get fast, therefore, central air conditioning has become one of the indispensable to modern construction equipment. The role of the central air conditioning is not only to ensure that the cold warm and comfortable, it is important to ensure human health. Therefore, central air conditioning system health status is good or bad is directly related to public health. Environmental science and technology to: Beijing municipal health supervision to sampling inspection of 5000 buildings of central air conditioning, check found except for the 30% of the excess dust accumulating, pipeline dust in bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. , with legionella bacteria in air conditioning cooling towers, greatly affect people's health. The central air conditioning ventilation system and the need to deal with. Environment for the central air conditioning system to provide comprehensive air purification solving scheme. With advanced photocatalytic + filtering technology, makes the central air conditioning air purifier equipment disinfection more thoroughly. Purification process: first, to early to effectively filter the air in the fresh air and return air filter, to remove some of the indoor air dust suspended solids, and then USES the compound filter, such filter have the function of the interceptor spore, makings; Photocatalytic sterilization again, when the organic molecules in the air under ultraviolet light, make its produce chemical reaction be exterminated decomposition and effect. The central air conditioning air purifier device has several features: 1, this kind of no high temperature and high pressure sterilization process, carried out under normal conditions, does not produce any harmful toxic gas, impact on ecological environment without. 2, eliminate peculiar smell, some harmful gases after irradiation can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, colorless, tasteless and harmless to human body of gas. The catalyst in the process of 3, ultraviolet radiation sterilization Ti02 nontoxic and cheap, affordable. Above is in daily life, most applications, is also the most bottom air purification method of central air conditioning system, such as the need to disinfect effect is superior, the more rapid method, you can contact our business environment, to provide you with the world's leading purification technology - Three yuan semiconductor plasma disinfection technology, features: quiet, no pollution, long service life, maintenance, etc.
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