The manufacturer teaches you how to choose an air disinfector?

by:Funglan     2021-03-16
How to choose an air disinfection machine? Customers can only purchase suitable air disinfection products from several aspects if they correctly recognize this problem. Most people pay special attention to the brand, price and reputation of the product when buying an air disinfector. Most people think so too. Since the introduction of the new national standard for air purifiers, consumers have turned their attention to the parameters of air disinfection products and whether there are signs of the new national standard. I think that as long as you buy an ultraviolet air disinfection machine, you will have no worries. In fact, this idea is incorrect. Although the product parameters are important, the later maintenance of the product is as important as the maintenance. What do I need to know about buying an air disinfector? Just like buying a big house but not taking care of it well, if you can’t make the best use of it and cherish maintenance, many things will lose their value. The same is true for the air sterilizer. Thousands of dollars are spent. If you are not careful in the later use process, its disinfection and purification effect will be minimal. It is important to replace the filter. If consumers cannot replace them in time during use, they will not only have no disinfection and purification effect, but will be more likely to become a source of secondary pollution. Different brands of purifiers need to change the filter for different lengths of time. You can see how dirty the filter is. If the new filter is white, even the back becomes black after a period of use, and it must be replaced. In addition, it can also be judged according to the wind speed of the air outlet. Secondly, long-term use of air disinfection can reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide. In non-severe haze weather, opening windows for ventilation is still necessary. At the same time, one device is actually difficult to solve the purification problem of the whole family, and one for each room is a good choice. Consumers need to be reminded that the standard applicable area of u200bu200bthe air disinfection machine is measured at the maximum wind speed. In fact, the frequency of maintaining the maximum wind speed is not high, so pay more attention to the usual air volume. If the air volume is particularly small, you must pay attention at this time. It is likely that there are too many stolen items on the filter screen to block the filter screen. It is also possible that the motor has a problem and the speed is too slow. If you do not know how to check at this time, do not disassemble the product easily. After reading the above article, everyone will know the answer to the question of how to buy an air disinfector. Welcome to buy medical plasma air sterilizer products.
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