The necessity of applying dynamic air sterilizer in food processing plants

by:Funglan     2021-03-24
Sterilization of the workshop environment plays a very important role in preventing moldy and deterioration of food and improving food safety. However, some disinfection methods have the problem that man and machine cannot work on the same site, which affects the continuity of food production. The dynamic air sterilizer has high sterilization efficiency and fast sterilization speed. It can sterilize the food workshop when someone is working. It not only effectively protects the safety of baked foods such as Nantong Opela, but also improves food production efficiency. Promoted the legal compliance of the production of baked goods. According to Zhou Li from Shanghai Kangjiu Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the development of food quality assurance technology, the dynamic air disinfection machine is mainly used in the cooling, inner packaging and filling links in the production process of food enterprises. Uninterrupted online sterilization and disinfection to prevent secondary pollution of food materials and food packaging in production by microorganisms in the air. If the food is subjected to secondary contamination by bacteria, molds, yeasts and other microorganisms during the production process, the microbiological indicators, physical and chemical indicators and sensory indicators of the food will be unqualified, which may cause the food to become moldy and deteriorate during the storage period. The eater died. The dynamic air sterilizer is an emerging disinfection technology product in China. While not harmful to human health, it can always kill mold, salmonella and other microorganisms in the air of the food workshop online at all times to avoid secondary air pollution of food with bacteria and effectively ensure food safety . Mass production practices in the food industry have shown that food produced in an aseptic and dust-free environment can reduce secondary microbial contamination and food mildew. So the existence of dynamic air sterilizer is still very necessary. Nowadays, life is gradually improving, and consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of life. In the production of food, air quality issues are the top priority, because air quality directly affects food safety issues.
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