The necessity of dynamic air disinfection machine applied in food processing plants

by:Funglan     2020-11-10
Workshop environment sterilization to prevent food gone mouldy, improve the level of food safety, plays an important role. But some disinfection way man-machine cannot realistically homework problems affecting food production continuity. And dynamic air disinfection sterilization with high efficiency, fast disinfection, can work in some cases, disinfection of food workshop, not only effective for nantong's escort brands such as baking food safety, but also improve the efficiency of food production, vigorously promote the legal standard production of baked goods. According to the professional development of the technology for food quality Kang Jiu disinfection technology co. , LTD. Shanghai Zhou Li engineers, dynamic air disinfection machine is mainly used in food production in the process of cooling and insourcing and filling stage, workshop staff work, dynamic disinfection machine always online continuous sterilization, to prevent the production of food materials and food packaging by microbial secondary pollution in the air. If food suffered in the process of producing bacteria, mould and yeast such as microbial secondary pollution, will result in food microbiology indicators, physical and chemical index and sensory index is unqualified, could cause food gone mouldy during the storage period, serious can lead to death eaters. Dynamic air sterilizer is emerging disinfection technology in domestic products, while not harmful to human health, food can be always online culling workshop mold, salmonella and other microorganisms in the air, avoid secondary pollution food containing bacteria air, effective guarantee food safety. Food industry a large number of production practice showed that the produced food, asepsis dustless environment can reduce microbial secondary pollution, food mildew and other problems. So the existence of the dynamic air sterilizer is of great necessity. Now life gradually improve, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Air quality in the production of food is most important, because the air quality will directly affect the food safety problem. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of dynamic air disinfection machine, air disinfection machine, etc
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