The necessity of medical air disinfection machine into family life

by:Funglan     2020-10-27
Medical air disinfection machine into the family life of the necessity of medical air sterilizer an impression in people's hearts is the hospital, and there seems to be no relationship in family, careful want of SARS in 2003 time of arrival is prohibited personnel flow, if the home from the foreign personnel shall be isolated observation, it was a gas, the 2004 avian influenza, from animals began to spread to people of a kind of disease, haven't heard of this example, before its toxicity is worse than SARS, influenza a (H1N1) in 2009, and the outbreak of the Korean mers virus this year. Mortality is higher and higher, according to news reports than in front of the total force behind these viruses more violent, and is the last time the upgrade and the variation of the virus, the main reason is because of environmental pollution caused by human activities, the virus in the escalating, the greed of human nature to eat meat, such as led to people and livestock and poultry between the spread of disease, at the same time, the development of science and technology lead to the earth, exchanges between people more and more quickly, but also accelerate the spread of the disease, you can see from the news reports over the years from 2003 to the present major disease transmitted through the air in the world have up to four times, and more and more difficult to heal, basically news report this kind of disease, I always found that patients with sick or dead, in particular, some large and medium-sized cities, particularly large population flow, also because all sorts of emissions of pollutants such as car exhaust, we often see some of the city's weather forecast, light pollution, sensitive crowd symptoms aggravate, should avoid high strength outdoor exercise, outside completes the protective measures of fog or haze weather news reports. So families use import medical sterilizing machine has become more and more important, nip in the bud. Medical sterilizing machine, with its unique design idea and highly effective disinfection to realize natural bacteria killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 99. 99%; 0 high purifying the air. 1μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 99. 00%; Broad spectrum of bacteria in the air bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry, etc. ; Energy conservation and environmental protection dust collection methods, and can realize waste gas processing material recycling; The intelligent control dynamic disinfection ( Human co-existence) , application of gases, particles, a variety of sensing technology such as oxygen, air quality can be shown, PM2 in the air. 5, temperature, humidity, etc. A number of practical data. With all aspects of the advantages to win the recognition of many medical institutions, and its high cost performance is also very suitable for family consumption. Air is the primary factor in the life, air disinfection machine also fresh source in the world, and have the fresh air, to family care sharing high quality life time. Committed to the air disinfection machine, medical air disinfection machine, medical air purifier, central air conditioning air purifier and other high-tech products development, production, sales and after-sales service, for our family health escort. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, medical air sterilizer, air purification machine, etc
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