The operation of the air disinfector

by:Funglan     2020-11-26
Air disinfector, as a mature products on the market, many products. Through market research, found that most of the purchase of air disinfection purification equipment users, to the equipment itself is nothing to understand, to let the user more quickly, using air disinfector equipment, environmental small make up to stealing the equipment engineer, learn a little bit of content for your reference. For air disinfection equipment operating the same, this is to the environment air machine as an example. Air disinfector is placed and open: 1. In place before installation, check the indoor environmental health. Cabinet or mobile, after clean, product can into the interior of the corresponding position; 2. Choose three hole socket with ground wire, and then access the air disinfector power, electricity for equipment; 3. After power, open the host, standby will display signs, Beijing time) and PM2. 5, temperature and humidity, etc. ; 4. Touch on/key or remote control key, open/equipment began to enter the running state, waiting for the user to select disinfection function; 5. With three work modes: automatic mode, timing mode and manual mode, because the description is more, see the product specifications; 6. Disinfection work is completed, press on/key, equipment running down, in a machine, such as pattern. Air disinfector screen icon meaning: 1. Standby mode to display only & other; Trademark & throughout; Various sensor parameters and actual time; 2. After startup mode, function, setting work pattern on such as wind speed; 3. Icon semiconductor ionization, light wave reactor bright screen, said start, don't light said to cancel the function; 3. Wind speed icon, divided into three levels: low speed 3, medium-speed six, high-speed 10; 4. Shiny, clean display indicates the need cleaning maintenance disinfection parts; 5. Change the icon shiny table, need to change material; 6. Alarm icon shine, said system in fault or need maintenance, record the contents of the screen, call consultation. See here, the new user is have a little knowledge of the equipment? Due to personal ability is limited, the above content if there is any deficiency, please correct me a lot, you who supported and approval is our biggest power forward. Remember good & other; Good air, choose & throughout; ! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfector manufacturers and other products
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