The ozone function of the purifier

by:Funglan     2022-05-06

Ozone, when I hear the name, I don't like it, is there anything?

Ozone (O₃), also known as superoxide, is an allotrope of oxygen (O₂). At room temperature, it is a light blue gas with a special odor. In 1840, when C.F. Shebain of Germany electrolyzed dilute sulfuric acid, he found that there was a special smelly gas released, so he named it ozone. Under normal temperature and pressure, it has poor stability and can be decomposed into oxygen by itself. Ozone has a grassy smell, and inhaling a small amount is beneficial to the human body.

A variety of air purifiers are equipped with ozone function, and ozone takes the initiative to attack:

1. It can decompose free bacteria in the air, inactivate and kill them Dead bacteria, it can prevent air-borne infectious diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis infection. Ideal for spaces that require odor removal or sterilization.

2. It can quickly kill Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. At the same time inhibit the growth of bacteria.

3. It can effectively kill bacteria in different places, such as wardrobes, wardrobes, shoe boxes, etc., and decompose different smells. The product can also effectively decompose formaldehyde emitted from furniture without secondary pollution.

The main function of the ozone sterilizer is the following functions of ozone:

1. Food purification: Degradation of fruits, vegetables and grains from the surface to the inside Residual chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances, remove antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones and other harmful substances in meat and eggs, kill halophilic bacteria that are easy to cause poisoning in seafood, and enter the sick through the mouth.

2. Purification of drinking water: The tap water is a kind of high-quality raw drinking water after ozone treatment. It only takes 2 minutes to pass O3 per liter of water to remove residual chlorine in the water, sterilize, disinfect, deodorize, remove heavy metals, prevent the formation of carcinogen chloroform, increase the oxygen content in the water, and make ideal and pure drinking water.

3. Disinfection and sterilization: Put the cleaned utensils into water and let O3 for 20 minutes to remove detergent residues, kill bacteria and viruses, replace electronic disinfection cabinets, and avoid the infection of catering utensils disease. It can also disinfect and deodorize clothes, towels, rags, socks, etc.

4. Air purification: Hang the ozone exhaust pipe at a height of more than 1.7 meters and discharge O3 for 20--30 minutes, which can effectively remove indoor smoke or peculiar smell of decorative materials, reduce dust and sterilize, and increase air Oxygen content, fresh air, allowing you to enjoy forest-like fresh air at home (can be used for smoke removal, dust removal, disinfection, and deodorization in homes, offices, conference rooms, and entertainment venues).

5. Preservation of fruits and vegetables and mildew prevention: For household preservation of fruits and vegetables, O3 can be added to the bagged fruits and vegetables for 2 minutes, which can prolong the preservation period of 7 days.

6. Bathing, beauty and health care: Ozone bathing has become a fashion in foreign countries, and it has been many years of history to treat diseases through ozone bathing, which is another magical effect of O3. Frequent ozone baths can remove toxins from the body, activate epidermal cells, eliminate acne, whiten the skin, and have a good effect on rheumatism, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, diabetes and onychomycosis.

7. Fish farming and watering of flowers: Watering flowers and sprinkling of vegetables in greenhouses can avoid pest damage and reduce the use of pesticides. In fish farming and aquaculture, O3 enters the water to release nascent oxygen, eliminate bacteria, viruses, oxidize impurities, prevent water quality from spoiling, and increase nutrients in water.

8. Deodorization: Ozone has strong oxidative decomposition ability, which can quickly and completely eliminate various odors in the air and water.

Air, water and food pollution are already inevitable in cities. We don't know how long it will take to deal with it, maybe 5 years, 10 years or more. But in the present life, we can only use these effective products to arm our daily life. In any case, there is no cause greater than bringing health to mankind. Purifier welcomes your further project consultation.

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