The principle of hospital air disinfection machine, how to use hospital disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-25
Where do hospitals need air sterilizers? According to the hospital environment, air sterilizers should be used where there are people, not only in the rooms where the hospital needs to work and the wards where patients are recuperating, but even the unmanned hospital space Carry out necessary air disinfection to ensure air safety and quality in all aspects.  Hospital air sterilizer principle   Air disinfection cleaner disinfection principle The process of killing or removing pathogenic microorganisms in the air is called air disinfection. If the artificially polluted microorganisms can be reduced by 99.9% or the natural microorganisms can be reduced by 90%, the disinfection is qualified. The electrostatic adsorption air disinfection cleaner is a combined electrostatic field that continuously generates positive ions with a concentration of 108/cm3, and the bacteria flowing through the electric field are extremely surrounded by positive ions. Under the infiltration of high-concentration and high-energy positive ions, negatively charged bacteria will rapidly undergo electrolysis (energy release). Due to the rapid energy release, the cell wall of the bacteria will be severely damaged and die or lose the ability to reproduce. Coupled with a filtration system, it can not only filter and adsorb bacteria-carrying dust in the air, but also adsorb microorganisms. Achieved the purpose of disinfection.  According to the size of the hospital ICU room that needs to be disinfected and purified, the correct selection of air disinfection cleaners and regular replacement of activated carbon filters will be the basic guarantee for the purification and disinfection of ICU air purification and disinfection devices.     How to use the hospital disinfection machine   The Ministry of Health newly promulgated the 'Disinfection Technical Specifications';   Class I environment: laminar flow clean operating room, laminar flow clean ward.   Class II environment: general operating room, supply room sterile area, delivery room, baby room, premature infant room, protective isolation room, burn room, ICU room, etc.   Class III environment: pediatric ward, obstetrics and gynecology examination room, injection room, dressing room, treatment room, supply room clean area, emergency room, laboratory, various general wards and rooms.   Type IV environment: Department of Infectious Diseases.   Disinfection of the hospital environment: Different areas and environments have different requirements. The hospital environment is divided into 4 categories, I, II, III, IV,    I, laminar flow clean operating room, laminar flow clean ward, air requirement ≤10cfu/m3, surface ≤5 cfu/cm2, hand of medical staff ≤5 cfu/ cm2. Class II, general operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature infant room, general isolation room, sterile area of u200bu200bsupply room, burn ward, intensive care unit, air ≤200cfu/m3, surface ≤5cfu/cm2  , medical staff hands ≤ 5cfu/cm2.   Class III, pediatric ward, obstetrics and gynecology examination room, injection room, dressing room, treatment room, supply room, clean area. Emergency room, laboratory, various general wards, air requirement ≤500cfu/m3, physical surface ≤10cfu/cm2, medical staff hand ≤10cfu/cm2.   Category IV, Department of Infectious Diseases and Ward, physical surface ≤15 cfu/cm2, medical staff hand ≤15 cfu/cm2. No pathogenic microorganisms can be detected in the above 1 to 4 categories.   Application of the principle of air disinfection and purifier in the hospital ICU    10 μm suspended particles. It can be suspended in indoor air for a long time. After being inhaled into the human body, about 50% of it is adsorbed on the lung wall and can penetrate deep into the lung tissue, causing bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema and lung cancer. Lead to reduced cardiopulmonary function and even failure. Bacteria and other microorganisms are attached to the inhalable particles, which are more harmful due to the presence of pathogenic viruses. The air disinfection purifier can purify and disinfect the pollutants in the indoor air.   is different from negative ion generator. Air purifier is completely different from negative ion generator. Air negative ions have been clinically proven in medicine to have certain promoting effects on human physiological functions, but in polluted air, negative ions combine with dust in the air to form pollutant particles with a certain polarity, which are called heavy ions. Heavy ions no longer have the effect of light negative ions, on the contrary, it exacerbates the harm of pollutants in the air to the human body.   Negative ions have a condensation effect on dust particles in the air. The tiny suspended particles in the original polluted air will condense into larger particles under the action of negative ions, and then gradually settle down indoors. Polar dust particles are easily adsorbed on walls, furniture, and ceilings. Dust in the air is transferred to the surface of objects. If people move or move objects, my country has not issued indoor air quality standards yet. According to various professional fields, there are many relevant standards related to indoor air quality. Compared with ultraviolet disinfection and building laminar flow purification, air disinfection purifiers have a dynamic and continuous disinfection effect compared with ultraviolet disinfection, and their broad-spectrum characteristics are better UV disinfection can remove dust and peculiar smell in the air. Compared with building laminar flow purification,    air disinfection purifier has the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption and simple structure. Comparison of electronic air purifiers and disinfection methods such as ultraviolet rays. The purification principle of plasma generator air disinfection and separated air disinfection cleaner. Air cleanliness refers to the degree of dust content in the air. At present, it is commonly used to indicate the level of 100 to 1 million.
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