The prospect of air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2020-10-10
Air pollution has been a concern of the world, especially in China, and China is not only a large population, industry is much, the car pollution and industrial pollution affect air quality, air is not good circulation, the serious influence to our life. Every morning for a walk or work can smell a bit pure and fresh and clean air, the whole people and many many. Outdoor air can't control myself, indoors, be it work or housewife hope to be able to breathe more fresh air, to this end, air sterilizer application looks unfamiliar. 14 years, according to relevant data, air purification disinfection machine market retail sales is expected to reach 5. 8 million units, 2. 4 million sets of more than 13 years, in 2015 the whole air sterilizer will reach 9 million units, air purification disinfection machine brand of various kinds are springing up constantly, lead to increasing competition in the market, enterprises to foothold in the market, research and development of high-end products. But under such a big business opportunities have appeared in the crisis, now in the market some bad companies holding the mind of the chaos to make a fortune, disturb the market, thus, standard air purification disinfection machine industry is particularly urgent. For occasional outbreaks of bird flu, viruses and other information on the society, make the masses out thrill. Then masks and air purification disinfection machine become the target that people sought after, in the home, in indoor Spaces such as disinfection purification equipment installation company. What are the indoor air purification disinfection machine classification? Mainly has three: first, a wall-mounted air disinfection machine hanging on the wall directly, save space. Second, air disinfection machine type suction a top set on the ceiling, it is a space saving, 2 it is beautiful. Three, flexible mobile air sterilizer, just move where you want to move. All three of these adopt proprietary semiconductor technology at home and abroad, effective and active to release in the air purification sterilization factor, the characteristics of diffuse through the air, to reach every corner of the indoor no dead Angle of air purification, in front of a lot of article also introduce its principle, characteristics, there is no longer introduced one by one. Many brands on the market, according to reports, in 2015 began to revise the specification for air purifier, to rely on false advertising enterprises will withdraw from the market. Then some false manufacturers will reduce, for consumers, it is very good.
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