The rise of the central air conditioning air disinfector thrive

by:Funglan     2020-10-14
In this competitive market, central air disinfector manufacturers with air pollution and constant innovation and development. Next we together and see the introduction of the central air conditioning air disinfector and evaluation standards, understand the market, as well as his role. According to statistics, the national standard equipment is used to purify the revised in 2008, some performance indicators have been set out and the market demand. Now domestic standards of cleaning equipment is before and after marking the concentration difference of efficiency, but in the United States, Japan and other countries, the concept of clean air, is clean air volume ratio, and the rated air flow. The same product, if the previous method to calculate the purification efficiency can reach 90%, the calculation method of clean air measurement, may be only 60%. Some brands will seize this exaggerated propaganda, mislead consumers function; Now in the market of water purification equipment products are generally in the 2000 - 3000 yuan, in 4000 - some foreign brands in the high-end products 5000 yuan. Purification equipment, products with high technical content, make the cleaning principle of filtering material is different, also each are not identical. Some products is very simple, low cost, but some of the cost is higher, because the difference is unknown, so some brands of fish, the false high prices; With filter cleaning equipment must often clean the filter, or collecting plate efficiency is lower, the dust will return to a home, adhere to the hair, furniture and people's respiratory tract. Some filter is not washable, disposable supplies, short service life of the filters in the high-end brand, in 300 - general price 700 yuan, cost-effective products more expensive, some factories require consumers to change regularly, otherwise will cancel during the warranty period, you can from this point is more passive consumers. Look at the below is what to do. A, central air conditioning air disinfector introduction: central air disinfector through double ionization dust removal, sterilization light contact with the medium catalytic oxidation, activated carbon adsorption of harmful gases, air disinfection and purification. Second, central air conditioning air disinfector evaluation criteria: everyone is not the same as evaluation standard of instrument, who is not the same, so each type of machine is used by different people to its evaluation is different also, have a plenty of take a fancy to it, have a plenty of take a fancy to its quality, and some people involved is material quality, service, after sales, design, brand, etc. Three, central air conditioning air disinfector manufacturers: and is Hong Kong industry and Da An Gene Co. , ltd. of Sun Yat - Sen University jointly established a disinfection equipment enterprise, the specialty is engaged in the medical air sterilizer, air disinfection purification machine, central air conditioner disinfection purification equipment and other products, set research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the joint-stock company. Companies with independent innovation as the theme, to enhance investment in technology research and development, to improve technical independent innovation ability, grasp core technology of products, enhance product market competitiveness, the company has to know deep air disinfection purification experts and professional engaged in disinfection of air purification product research and development of scientific research personnel. Products by statutory authorities detection, natural bacteria in indoor air death rate was 99%, and the purification efficiency & ge; 90%. Products by the guangdong health and family planning site audit and disinfection products production enterprises hygiene licence was issued with air disinfection purification core technology & ndash; — Ternary semiconductors disinfection purification technology, and won several national practical new patents and invention patents. Across the country now has a lot of good cooperation, we also hope to and is dedicated to bringing customers more and better air disinfection purification equipment. Four, the role of the central air disinfector: central air disinfector is a new type of household electrical appliances, it has the operation temperature, automatic detection of smoke, dust filter, eliminate peculiar smell and harmful gas, two layers of sterilization, release negative ions, and other functions. Continuously in the market now launched many purifier, like brand disinfection purifier, is better air disinfection purifier, can be useful to remove microorganisms and pollutants in the air, like the air, surfaces of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, remove dead dander, and pollen in the air with the cause of disease such as origin, reduce disease communicated in the air. Can also settling in the air with dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities such as all kinds of inhalable particulates. And useful to eliminate peculiar smell, agile and chemical gas and justify its oxygen, pulsed release millions of d his oxygen every second, and create the ecological forest bathing environment, ecological type source brain health care to human body, to purify the blood, eliminating harmful free radicals, arrived to eliminate fatigue, enhance brain activity, reduce the effect of mental stress and impatience, let your family's environment after the rain forest, pure and fresh and natural. Central air conditioning air disinfector along with the social development progress and the rise of science and technology, with different degree of environment pollution, drive the central air conditioning air disinfector thrive, not only that there are other related air disinfection purification equipment also in development, but in our consumers to choose the air disinfection purification equipment don't forget to find out more about the product.
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