The role of air disinfection machine in improving chronic diseases of the elderly

by:Funglan     2021-03-30
The research on the role of air disinfector and the improvement of chronic diseases of the elderly mainly focuses on the degree of PM2.5 pollution. In the cities listed as the research object, the concentration level of suspended particulate matter has dropped from 21 micrograms/m3 to 14 micrograms/m3. At the same time, the average life expectancy of the population has been extended by 2.7. The life span of the elderly, we firmly believe that the use of air purifiers for the elderly will help improve the quality of life and the quality of life of the elderly. Air purifiers and improvement of chronic diseases in the elderly According to a global survey conducted by the World Health Organization: At present, environmental factors and lifestyles account for 60% of human health and life expectancy, occupying a dominant position, and medical factors accounting for only 8 %. As long as the environment and lifestyle are effectively improved. 80% of heart disease and diabetes, 70% of stroke, and 50% of cancer can be avoided. A recent study in the United States shows that inhaling contaminated air for two consecutive hours can increase blood pressure, and severe cases can also cause vascular disease. The company specializes in the production of mobile air sterilizers for medical, school, and kindergartens, wall-mounted air sterilizers, cabinet air sterilizers, ceiling air sterilizers, ceiling air sterilizers, air cleaning screens, central air conditioning purification and sterilizers, Welcome to consult and negotiate
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