The role of banks using air purifiers

by:Funglan     2021-03-20
The bank belongs to a place where the population is relatively concentrated. There will be many people doing business in the bank every day, and there will be more people on holidays. The banknotes we use pass through the hands of countless people every day and are stored in the bank or taken from the bank. Come out, there are all kinds of bacteria on it. We can't predict whether these people who come into contact with banknotes will have infectious bacteria. This is something we can't avoid, and bank staff can't avoid it. How many people are as envious of the people who work in the bank like the editor. They deal with money every day and count them every day. But do we know that banks also have some indoor pollution? There is a lot of air pollution that needs to be Preventively, we know that the bank is a highly guarded place. There are not many windows for fresh air to ventilate, resulting in poor air circulation. Most of them rely on air conditioning to circulate some untreated fresh air to ventilate the staff’s environment. Circulation, day and night, what is it? It is conceivable that indoor air quality is definitely not good, which can easily lead to deterioration of indoor air and threaten the health of staff. Therefore, many banks have begun to use air purification and disinfection machines. For this reason, it is very important to face indoor air pollution and how to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. For this reason, more and more banks are beginning to pay attention to the requirements of air purification and disinfection. Bank air purification and disinfection machines are favored by customers and install air in banks. Purification and disinfection machine. Let me introduce to you here that there are two types of air purification and disinfection machines on the market, divided into civilian and commercial. The civilian one focuses on purification, mainly for haze weather and poor air quality environments. The current national standards are not very strict. The product that meets the hospital standards is more stringent and the standards are more detailed. At present, most banks are more willing to buy air purifiers in the medical industry. The prices between the two are similar, but the medical products are In addition to purification, the disinfection and sterilization effect is more obvious, and the human body is harmless. The air purification and disinfection machine produced by Jiajing is widely used in many banking systems. It can not only sterilize and disinfect indoor air, but also deodorize and deodorize.
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