The role of bed unit disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
The role of bed unit disinfection machine Product introduction:    Control of nosocomial infection is an important indicator of the current hospital management work, how to prevent cross infection in the hospital ward is the responsibility of medical workers. The main reason for the high rate of nosocomial infection is the incomplete disinfection of bed units (that is, mattresses, beddings, sheets, pillows, etc.). For a long time, hospitals have routinely disinfected beds, mattresses, beddings, sheets, and pillows. Method Use ultraviolet radiation or high-pressure steam sterilization, this method can only achieve the effect of superficial disinfection, and can not completely and effectively kill the bacteria in the deep layer of the mattress, bedding, bed sheet, and pillow. This fully computer-controlled bed unit ozone sterilizer provides an economical and efficient disinfection device for hospitals to control cross-infection and cut off infection routes. It can kill various germs in the bed and the air. The function of the bed unit disinfection machine. Product features:   1 . This sterilizer has high ozone concentration, stable gas production, and long service life. 2. The ozone gas concentration is adjustable, which can sterilize bed sheets and can also sterilize two adjacent hospital beds at the same time.  3,. There is no toxic residue, no impact on the surrounding environment. The disinfection time can be set according to the needs, and the operation is simple, convenient, safe and reliable. 4. Fully sealed disinfection method is adopted. There is no ozone leakage in the disinfection process, and it does not affect the medical staff and patients in the same room. The high-concentration ozone generator disinfects the air.  6. u200bu200bIt can sterilize two hospital beds at the same time. The sterilization rate is 99.99%, which significantly increases the utilization rate of hospital beds and solves the urgent need for hospital beds.  7. Easy to operate, strong practicability. Scope of application: Mattresses, beddings, blankets, pillows, sheets and other units in hospitals and hotels. It is also suitable for air sterilization and disinfection in public places such as laboratories, offices and conference rooms. It is also suitable for air sterilization in public places such as laboratories, offices and conference rooms.  The main purpose of the bed unit disinfection machine:    hospitals, hotels, bedding, mattresses, pillow cores, blankets and other bed units disinfection and sterilization.  Main technical indicators:   Input power: u003c300W  Working voltage: 198-242V50Hz  Output ozone concentration:u003e600mg/m3  Disinfection time selection range: 0-99min            Recommended ozone analysis reduction time: 4min
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