The storm hit, dissolve the indoor air disinfection machine condition

by:Funglan     2020-11-10
Thunderstorm strikes, dissolve the indoor air disinfection machine condition is the highest temperature in a year and dog days and humid, sultry day, let many people call can't stand, don't want to eat don't want to move, dizziness to explode, it should be when we are chatting in the circle of friends, space, often say a few words, have fun & other; Throughout the entire people are coming to the bad &; 。 Well, the barbecue & other; Model of high temperature improved yesterday, this several days will have a thunder shower, but you also don't be too careless, because the dog days this year lasts about 40 days, so the heat of the time will come again. How to fight the dog days, these methods do not miss it. 1, eat more fruits and vegetables cultivated 2, 3, more than plenty of water for swimming exercise 4, minimize the stay time in the outdoor 5, ensure that sleep, raise foot spirit 6, eat more soup of summer summer diet is too patchy, giving yourself, eat more protein and B vitamins rich food. To high temperature at the same time, even if it rains, also can feel indoor air more depressing, there is a smothering, and often open air conditioning, cause indoor air circulation, in addition to often open the window, you can also use our air sterilizer, especially in the summer, we usually at work is also facing the air conditioning, at home or at work, we all know that air conditioning open for a long time on a person's body is bad, some bacteria in the air is not distributed in a timely manner. Air disinfection function effectively capture bacteria, mildew, virus and so on that exist in the air, the air in the natural bacteria killing rate is as high as & ge; 99. 99%, at the same time of air conditioning for a long time, occasionally can use our air disinfection machine, to indoor environment have the effect of a disinfection purification, for employees, can improve the work efficiency, for home, can improve the immunity of children, child body is very sensitive, it is easy to infection, so at home, this also is very good. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, indoor air disinfection machine, air purification disinfection machine, etc
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