The story about the chandrasekhar virus son and small head

by:Funglan     2020-11-25
Recent countries about chandrasekhar virus lane, it's not just small head doll also ran out of showing off. So he virus begin the story of the son and small head, also came out? What is the village card virus? Why newborn babies all into small head doll? Reported that on January 29, 2016, national health development planning commission, said so far, China has not yet found the village card virus, but there are cases input risk. National health development planning commission, said the Chinese center for disease control and prevention has been successfully developed the virus nucleic acid detection reagent, grasp the village card virus detection methods, and will work with the foreign affairs, commerce, quality inspection, public security, tourism and other departments, further to be prepared for epidemic preparedness and response. National health development planning commission to remind, as the climate gradually back, after the spring and summer, southern provinces such as guangdong need to be vigilant. On January 29th, the public health agency of Canada announced that the country found that four village card virus infected patients. Four people have recently to village card epidemic have traveled to central and South America and the Caribbean region, currently in stable condition. Village card virus is considered may cause a large number of infant brain development is not complete. The world health organization ( 世卫组织) On February 1, announced that it will village virus and small head syndrome as a global emergency public health events, international society should coordinate response. This is the a/H1N1 flu, polio, and after the ebola outbreak, who released the fourth public health emergency of international concern. On February 2, 2016, the United States confirmed the first indigenous village card virus infection, with previous aedes mosquitoes carry in different ways, the possible ways of sexually transmitted infection. So what is the village card virus? The village card virus is considered may cause a large number of infant brain development is not complete, in contrast to the melamine caused by the big head doll, this is produced by the many little head. The current village card virus is highly contagious, Europe, Asia, Africa have a village card virus infection, is the most serious outbreak of countries such as Brazil, Colombia. Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark and Switzerland have found that the input type village card virus infection, many European countries are taking measures to fight village card virus. So far, his son and small head virus is still spreading, the story of the specific situation remains to be further understanding. For the sake of our health, pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, less travel mosquito congregate. Pregnant women should pay attention to in the hospital regularly to ensure that the baby healthy growth! Hope the world will restore calm, return to good health. We can do is to prevent work!
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