The technical features of wind cabinet plasma air disinfector

by:Funglan     2020-10-21
The technical features of wind cabinet plasma air disinfector before we know a lot about air sterilizer ( Medical, household, commercial) , air purification disinfection machine ( Cabinet, wall hung, type suction a top) , central air conditioning air disinfector, etc. Series of related technical principles, so let's take a look at the wind cabinet air disinfector, apparatus in brief this kind of air disinfection purifier device is not light, it light weight is controlled; And at least 10 square big volume, think about how to make such a big guy, how to transport? The key is made of what technology? In where? Let's take a look at the wind cabinet air disinfection purifier equipment technical characteristics. What is plasma electrostatic bactericidal dust removal technology: plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through ionization device on low current high voltage pulse power supply, form the ultra high frequency pulse discharge, the ground state to get enough energy of gas and ion oxidation bacteria, viruses, TVOC materials and particles in the air, etc. , under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air displacement to the electric dust collector plate, air disinfection purification. Wind cabinet plasma air sterilization machine technical features: 1. The standardized module design, can according to the air volume, size free combination; 2. Plasma electrostatic module resistance, resistance is less than 30 pa, air volume low loss; 3. With air conditioning equipment linkage, separate control or pneumatic control; 4. Can remove the PM2 in the air. 5, at the same time to kill a large number of bacteria; 5. Product service life is long, the service life of the plasma electrostatic module can reach more than 10 years; Application places: places are suitable for installation of central air-conditioning. As applicable to: office buildings, hospitals, food workshop, beverage workshop, printing ink, printing workshop workshop, airports, library, science and technology museum, waiting ( Car) Room, gym, fitness, shopping malls, conference room, office, computer room, railway stations, subway and other places. 6. Convenient maintenance, no consumables, plasma electrostatic module can be regular cleaning maintenance, effectively reduce air conditioning duct cleaning times; 7. Using plasma physics disinfection purification way, no harm to human body of pure dynamic disinfection technology, safe and efficient environmental protection; Central air conditioning series air purification disinfector through wind circulation of air purification disinfection, with the air circulation to achieve the purpose of aseptic air clean and fresh. Mainly include electronic air purification disinfector and ultraviolet air purification disinfector C. People normal work and life of interior space, can effectively filter out recycling all kinds of harmful substances in the air, kill bacteria and germs, purification, decompose harmful gases, protect people's health. 240 - ultraviolet C type: ultraviolet wavelengths 270 nm can directly damage cells, viral DNA and RNA, the microbe died rapidly. Added with nano light catalyst filter effectively remove bacteria, viruses and peculiar smell in the air, make indoor air clean natural and pure and fresh. Plasma air disinfector is already relatively mature product in domestic, from easy to product quality and product performance is very perfect technical level, therefore low failure rate. So in some large shopping malls, space and so on use wind cabinet air disinfection purifier device can satisfy its purification disinfection effect, common household and office and the hospital only need little space one-piece air sterilizer can meet the requirements of clean disinfection, but hospitals need to use professional medical air sterilizer can better conform to the requirements of the hospital purification disinfection hygiene environment.
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