The ternary integrated semiconductor air disinfector you peace back home

by:Funglan     2020-10-27
Ternary semiconductor integrated air disinfector you peace back home it is understood that the current widespread use of disinfection technology is divided into two kinds of chemical methods and physical methods, chemical disinfection efficiency is higher, but easy to cause secondary pollution to environment, also strong irritation to human body, also can cause loss to be disinfected objects; Existing physical disinfection methods such as infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, little pollution and even no pollution, but high energy consumption, long duration, use also has certain limitations, such as using uv light on indoor air disinfection, who must leave the scene, not very convenient. So, our country of disinfection products and production enterprise shall practise a system of specialized health permits. And the existing of air purifier products on the market is mostly do not have the initiative the sterilization ability, or just rely on filtration of passive filter, in addition to the suspension of pathogenic microorganism sterilization ability is limited, so can't through the national health authorities to strict disinfection products certification. Environmental science and technology company has known a deep air disinfection purification experts and professional engaged in disinfection of air purification product research and development of scientific research personnel. Products by statutory authorities detection, natural bacteria in indoor air death rate was 99%, and the purification efficiency & ge; 90%. Products by the guangdong health and family planning site audit and disinfection products production enterprises hygiene licence was issued with air disinfection purification core technology & ndash; — The ternary integrated semiconductor disinfection purification technology, and won several national practical new patents and invention patents. As is known to all, suspended in the air of pathogenic microorganism is one of the primary sources of lead to various infectious diseases. In seasonal alternate or more closed living people in the indoor environment, the probability of infection has soared. In order to solve because of pollution of indoor air quality and bring negative effect to the person, to make people happy in a clean indoor environment to enjoy life, improve indoor air quality is urgent. In addition to the application of purification technology, semiconductor air sterilizer also strengthen the function of disinfection, using light wave reactor device automatic induction function, a key switch machine automatically. In addition, the temperature and humidity control always keep indoor air dynamics, place more shows in the design of the intimate details. Otherwise the unique three plane into the wind structure design, plus on the back of the grid structure design, can significantly increase the air volume, adsorption indoor dust float in the sky of the room, mixed bacteria and the peculiar smell, and at about 2. Five times the speed of fast dispel them. Finally by the strong adsorption force to achieve the effect of air purification. Every detail to humanization. Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, plasma air sterilization machine, commercial air sterilizer, household air disinfection machine, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier. Purification disinfection is an organic whole, is your ideal choice!
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