The typhoon, 'Bert' ferocious start Ⅳ level disaster relief emergency in our country

by:Funglan     2020-11-10
The typhoon & other; Throughout, Bert &; Ferocious in China start Ⅳ disaster relief emergency response level according to the related information to this day, Herbert ferocious, national disaster reduction committee, the Ministry of Civil Affairs for this year's no. 1 typhoon & other; Throughout, Bert &; To the severe impact of the affected people basic life in fujian province, 11 emergency start national Ⅳ level disaster relief emergency response, and send out teams rushed to the disaster area, see the disaster, assistance and guidance to do a good job of the affected people basic life rescue. The fujian provincial party committee secretary Mrs Right in the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters scheduling command, understand the typhoon dynamic, for the prevention against typhoon work to mobilize again check again. Provincial governor yu weiguo to fuzhou, quanzhou and other places in the disaster areas condolences to a gleam of cadres, the masses, on-the-spot inspection about typhoon flood prevention work to carry out the situation. Vice governor Huang Qiyu hosted four province refers to consultation with the video conference, and to analyze the typhoon trend, study the deployment of defense work. Disaster reduction committee of fujian province, department of emergency start Ⅲ disaster relief, emergency response, stir the disaster relief emergency fund 10 million yuan, to the disaster area allocated 2000 blankets, bed 500 folding bed, 1700 summer service uniform, 10 generator, 1000 emergency lights and other supplies. Hope for an early leave, Herbert, let people to restore order to the life at an early date. Also hope that in the disaster under control as soon as possible, as soon as possible for reforming their homes, to build better homes! Wish all people affected by the disaster, and not affected by the disaster can health, peace, joy! In this paper, by the WWW. dg- v1。 Com small make up to arrange release, welcome to share this article, please keep the source! Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, air sterilizer, commercial air sterilizer, household air disinfection machine, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier. Purification disinfection is an organic whole, is your ideal choice! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of burt, start level Ⅳ relief, xuan air disinfection machine, etc
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