The virus is the main culprit of a kindergarten high fever

by:Funglan     2020-10-19
Virus is the main culprit of a kindergarten hot summer arrived, propagated bacterial virus has become more and more serious, especially in crowded places, now living standards improve, a lot of old people like to square dance, a natural and park plaza as each size supermarket the door with a multitude of old, middle-aged people, women and young children. Nearly period of time, of course, the kindergarten communication become a focus of debate. The expert reminds, infantile fever a cold is caused by intestinal infection, parents should take children to less crowded place. It is understood that in recent period of time, because of a fever a cold see outpatient service, the length of an increase in the number of children, especially children under the age of five. According to statistics, as of June 11, part of hand, foot and mouth disease cases this year is more than double last year. The expert reminds, there has been some freak weather this year, also give an intestinal virus infection caused by fever, cold, such as hand, foot and mouth disease. Parents and kindergarten must to do a good job of child health, reduce the happening of the disease. For the condition of the children, parents and worry: don't know why children have a fever a cold, and compared with the past, the fever cold generally lasts longer, and easy for several times; Have parents, doctors diagnosed with the virus infection. And viral infection, will lead to most is repeated. It is understood that part of the hospital in May this year began a child because of diseases such as viral infection caused by a cold fever phenomenon significantly increased, in recent period of time is better, but the incidence is higher. “ From our hospital patients, about ninety percent are caused by intestinal infection fever a cold. According to the analysis of a part of hand, foot and mouth disease. We have learned, in children under the age of five are getting sick, accounting for seventy percent of the total incidence of this year, accounting for 92% of the total number of disease. In the face of such situation, family, kindergarten, such as how to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease have a fever a cold? Experts suggest that in the current peak season, foot and mouth disease, parents need to observe children's mouth, hand, foot, hip and knee, etc have herpes or maculopapule, such as judge for hand, foot and mouth disease, need time measuring temperature during onset, but children with fever, rash and other symptoms should be timely to normal hospital. In current equipment can reduce the spread of viral infection can choose the kindergarten air sterilizer, on a regular basis to kindergarten classrooms for air disinfection sterilization, purify the air. Improve the quality of kindergarten indoor air, eliminate the virus, reduce virus infection. Here small make up recommend kindergarten mobile air sterilizer, it can lower infection rate and at the same time can reduce the spending of the nursery school, mobile can use a few classrooms, disinfection purification by turns, the key is to protect children and preschool education and the health of workers. Wish of peace and flowers of the motherland can be happy, healthy growth! In addition, the kindergarten kids because together is more, direct or indirect contact with each other too much, and children under the age of five years with poor self-control consciousness, don't speak hygiene, are also more prone to cross infection; So, appear, foot and mouth disease children, parents should consciously make a child isolation treatment at home, don't bring children go to class, also don't bring children into the crowded children playground play; Sick infants should be home quarantine treatment to all symptoms disappear after 1 Zhou Fangke back garden. Before both the parents and the kindergarten in the face of the child health problems must be together, so as to give their children with other children is to create a healthy and comfortable environment, also hope to environmental science and technology in the air disinfection purification equipment can help more people in need of help, in air pollution control in China provide a depth of contribution.
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