The winter solstice to remember the smell of the aftertaste hometown oh

by:Funglan     2020-11-27
When it comes to the winter solstice believes everyone not unfamiliar, as the saying goes: & other; Winter solstice to eat dumplings. ” We all know that the customs of each area is different, some people eat dumplings, eat some chaos, some people eat tangyuan, and mutton soup, and so on. All eat custom is different, but eat dumplings are the most common. So small make up to share with you today the winter solstice to remember the taste of hometown aftertaste! In jiangnan are: winter solstice eat dumplings dinner long one-year-old, commonly known as: & other; Add age & throughout; 。 In my hometown winter solstice eat dumplings also eat tangyuan, every year. Old people often say: winter is coming, the weather is cooler, warm to eat dumplings, eat tangyuan reunion. When I was a child feel whether holiday or other culture festival is busy, but always feel lack of interest. May have grown up, perhaps time development climate anomalies, people living standard improving work busy began to fade, a variety of reasons, but we will remember the taste of home! As the saying goes: food is. Small make up that can take a meal of the time on the taste of home, don't forget to eat dumplings, dumplings, mutton soup! And you want to eat what to eat, don't mistreat oh! Small make up to tell you a secret that the earth person all know, but we ignore the secrets of men, women and children are interested in! Hibernate everyone not unfamiliar, so the winter solstice is the best time of preserve one's health, mainly because & other; Gas began in the winter solstice & throughout; 。 Because from the beginning of the winter, start by turning tide life activity, by regulated static. From the scientific point of view, the scientific health help ensure exuberant energy and prevent premature aging, prolong life. This is a good time to all the people shall not miss, winter solstice diet should be diverse, valley, fruit, meat, vegetable &fruit reasonable collocation, appropriate chooses high calcium food. The weather often indefinite attention to keep warm, pay attention to add clothes! Let's finish the taste of home, come on! Air disinfection machine here small make up I wish you all a happy winter solstice, family happiness, good health!
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