The working principle of medical air disinfection machine, the purpose of medical air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-27
The working principle of medical air disinfection machine   The hospital is a large-scale comprehensive place, where many patients circulate every day. Therefore, there are many germs in the air in the hospital, especially in the ward. There are many places in hospitals, which have very strict requirements for germs and pollution sources in the air, such as wards, delivery rooms, and baby rooms.   Generally, these rooms must be sterilized to reach the indicators required by the hospital, and the medical air sterilizer is used to sterilize these wards. The medical air sterilizer is a very important invention of modern technology. Its birth can not only sterilize and disinfect wards, but also provide a safe and reliable environment for working and receiving treatment for our doctors and hospital patients. There are many types of medical air disinfection machines, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. So what is the working principle of the medical air disinfection machine? When the medical air disinfection machine disinfects the hospital room, it generally uses physical or chemical methods to disinfect and eliminate pathogens in the hospital environment and transmitted materials and other harmful to the human body. Or through disinfection to make these harmful substances harmless.   When using an air disinfector to clean the environment of a hospital, the principle is to use some special materials, but also to use physical principles to clean the air in the environment and remove the bacteria in the air to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air.   These are some important principles of the work of medical air disinfection machines, and the combination of physical and chemical disinfection is also quite thorough. With the current development of science and technology, more and more high-tech disinfection machines have been developed to contribute to medicine.  The purpose of medical air disinfection machine   What is the medical air disinfection machine? Simply put, the medical air sterilizer is used to disinfect the hospital. The medical air sterilizer can be used in various delivery rooms, operating rooms, wards, etc. in hospitals that need to be sterilized. We all know that there are all kinds of patients in the hospital, so the air quality in the hospital is also quite bad, especially those who suffer from infectious diseases, the virus is easy to spread the virus in the air, then the hospital needs medical treatment The air disinfection machine disinfects the air in the ward to prevent infection. This is the biggest use of this sterilizer in the hospital.   The most common type of disinfection machine used in hospitals is the ozone air disinfection machine. This disinfection machine can disinfect the hospital wards very thoroughly, and there are no dead corners when used, and the disinfection and disinfection is quite clean and thorough. But this kind of disinfection machine also has disadvantages, that is, it cannot work with people, because the ozone concentration of this disinfection machine is very low when it is working, it will stimulate the human eyes, nose and throat and other sensory organs. The human body still has certain hazards.  Although the ventilation equipment in the hospital is very good, it is necessary for the ward and operating room to control the concentration of germs very strictly to prevent the spread and infection of patients. Therefore, the medical air sterilizer plays a considerable role in this aspect. It can thoroughly disinfect the hospital wards, delivery rooms, baby rooms, etc., without dead ends, and not only effectively avoid the spread of germs and patients The infection also provides a relatively safe working and treatment environment for doctors and patients. This is the purpose of medical air disinfection machine in medicine.
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