The working principle of medical pipeline sterilizer

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
Regarding the working principle of the medical pipeline disinfection machine, do you know the structure of the medical pipeline disinfection machine? The medical pipeline disinfection machine is mainly composed of stainless steel enamel ozone tube, modular high-voltage power supply, hydrogen peroxide atomization device, humidification device, water storage tank, Air pump, analytical device, connecting pipeline, large-screen Chinese touch screen operation monitoring system, and casing. The working principle of the medical pipeline disinfection machine is to charge the ozone gas produced by the stainless steel enamel ozone tube and the atomized hydrogen peroxide gas into the medical pipeline for joint disinfection through the air pump (the ozone gas can also be charged separately for disinfection). After that, the remaining ozone gas and hydrogen peroxide gas in the medical pipeline are discharged through the air pump, and analyzed and reduced by the analysis device (the sterilized medical pipeline can be humidified by the humidification device before disinfection).  Medical pipeline disinfection machine product features:   1, the medical pipeline disinfection machine has the function of ultrasonic humidification, which can also be used in dry areas and seasons.  2. Medical pipeline disinfection machine with residual ozone analysis function, working environment ozone concentration u003c0.16mg/m3, safe and reliable for operators, and meets environmental protection requirements.  3. Large-screen LCD display panel, simple and convenient operation, automatic disinfection process, one-key setting.  4. Ozone can be used alone for disinfection, or hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfection at the same time.   5. The LCD screen automatically displays the water level of the water storage tank and has the function of water shortage alarm.  Medical pipeline disinfection machine is easy to use: the large-screen LCD display of the microcomputer operation control system is used to control and observe the disinfection process. Automatic liquid addition reduces intermediate links and direct contact between the human body and the disinfectant. Disinfecting equipment with circulating circuits, especially the circuits of ventilators and anesthesia machines, can effectively reduce the colonization of germs in the circuits of ventilators and anesthesia machines, thereby reducing diseases such as: VAP, heat source response, HBV, HCV infection and other diseases The incidence rate.   Medical pipeline disinfection machine automatic drying: It has the function of automatically drying the moisture in the pipeline to ensure that there is no disinfectant and moisture residue, thereby ensuring the disinfection effect. Through the reasonable cooperation of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, it can ensure that the disinfection pipeline is non-corrosive, pollution-free to the environment, and safety guarantee for the operators.
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