The working principle of plasma air sterilizer

by:Funglan     2022-01-13

Plasma air sterilizer uses plasma as the sterilization factor, and the disinfection is completely without residue. Under the same environment and the same space size, the general plasma air sterilizer is several times better than the ultraviolet air sterilizer, and the action time is short. It is far worse than high-intensity ultraviolet rays. The disinfection work of the plasma air sterilizer has no effect on people and objects. It can coexist with people and machines, and has the advantages of convenient use and simple operation. It does not generate ultraviolet rays and ozone, and avoids secondary pollution of the environment. So how does the plasma air sterilizer work? Let me introduce to you below.

Working principle of plasma air sterilizer:

Plasma air sterilizer uses (SPIC) super energy ion generator to release trillions of positive and negative electrons, through positive and negative ions Annihilation produces a lot of energy. This destroys the bacterial envelope and kills the nucleus. It can sterilize efficiently, the plasma sterilization effect is extremely strong, and the action time is short.

The centrifugal fan sucks part of the dirty air in the closed room into the interior of the sterilizer; effect + activated carbon) to filter out the large and small dust in the air; a large number of positive and negative ions (plasma) are generated by the plasma generator installed inside the machine to sterilize the bacteria in the flowing air.

The air outlet of the centrifugal fan sends the clean air that has filtered dust and killed bacteria back to the room, and the excess negative ions spread to the whole room with the air, so that the bacteria and viruses in the room air will be lost. Active, negative ions again play a broad sterilization effect. The continuous convection of indoor air circulation can achieve the purpose of indoor air purification and sterilization after a disinfection cycle.

The above content is an introduction to the working principle of the plasma air sterilizer. Although the traditional ultraviolet irradiation disinfection method has a good killing effect on the bacteria on the surface of the object, it is not effective for the latent mattress and bedding. The germicidal effect of the deep layers of bed sheets and pillow cores is very weak. If you want to disinfect different levels of the bed unit, it often needs to be done in stages, which takes a long time, making it difficult to really implement the disinfection of the bed unit; Indoor personnel have a certain harmful effect and must be used under unmanned conditions, and the plasma air sterilizer can solve this problem very well.

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