Tibet Lhasa Medical Air Sterilizer│Air Sterilizer-Maintenance Method-Industry News

by:Funglan     2021-03-17
Tibet Lhasa Medical Air Sterilizer│Air Sterilizer-Maintenance Method Medical dynamic air sterilizer is very important to improve the air quality in the hospital, because the hospital is the place where bacteria and viruses are most likely to gather. Therefore, hospitals of all levels will install and use medical air sterilizers, and continue to purify and sterilize the air in various places in the hospital. It can be seen that air sterilizers are frequently used in major hospitals, so the professional maintenance and maintenance of medical air sterilizers is particularly important. Today, a hospital user in Lhasa, Tibet consulted related issues, and now I will introduce them. Regarding the maintenance and maintenance of medical air sterilizers, we will give back to new and old customers for their support and love. Maintenance method of medical air sterilizer: 1. Clean the external dust of medical air sterilizer every day to keep its appearance clean and beautiful. 2. Strictly follow the instructions of the sterilizer to operate correctly to ensure the normal and intelligent operation of the sterilizer. 3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the medical air sterilizer, the air sterilizer should be inspected daily and the damaged accessories should be replaced in time. 4. Regularly clean or replace the filter of the medical air sterilizer according to the prompts on the display screen of the sterilizer to improve the air sterilization and purification effect of the sterilizer and prolong the service life of the sterilizer. 5. Follow the prompts on the display of the sterilizer to replace the expired or faulty parts of the medical air sterilizer to ensure the normal use of the sterilizer. 6. The medical air sterilizer is composed of medium efficiency filter and activated carbon composite filter. After using for a period of time, the composite filter needs to be cleaned. Open the cover of the sterilizer, remove the composite filter, wash the composite filter, dry the composite filter with a hair dryer, and then return the filter to the sterilizer. Finally, cover the sterilizer cover. View more medical air sterilizers and air sterilizers: As a domestic manufacturer of medical air sterilizers, it is constantly increasing its research and development efforts, keeping improving, and developing more and better medical air sterilizers to meet the growing market and Different usage requirements. At the same time, we strive to improve pre-sales and after-sales services, improve service quality, and ensure that consumers can use products well.
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