Troubleshooting of air disinfection machine for kindergarten

by:Funglan     2021-03-24
No matter which brand of air sterilizer used in kindergartens, there will be some minor problems over time. In order to save time and quickly troubleshoot, I have made a question and answer sharing. I hope it will be helpful to you , The details are as follows: 1. The air output is small or the noise is too loud. Answer: 1. Remove the dust on the primary filter and take out the primary filter to clean and hygienic; 2. If the filter is dusty or leaking, clean it or replace it. 2. The display flashes to prompt Answer: 1. The cumulative cleaning time of the filter is up, please clean it or replace the filter in time; 2. If the catalytic lamp is damaged or the time is up, replace the photocatalytic lamp. Three, high-voltage alarm: 1. The high-voltage power supply is not connected to the signal, and the signal feedback is connected; 2. The high-voltage power supply is faulty, and the high-voltage sensitivity and voltage are adjusted; 3. The electric field is dusty and ignited to clean the electric field; 4. The high-voltage power supply is damaged, replace the high-voltage power supply . 4. The air disinfector equipment for kindergarten does not work. Answer: 1. The power supply is not powered or the power plug is not in contact with the ice. Check the power supply and the power socket or power cord; 2. The fuse is blown, and the fuse is replaced; 3. The controller does not work, Power off and re-supply. 5. Sensor sensitivity is low. Answer: Special sensor dust, clean sensor dust. 6. The remote control of the machine is not sensitive. Answer: 1. Check whether the battery has electricity; 2. Whether the position angle of the remote control is too deviated; 7. The shutters of the machine do not swing. The wall-mounted disinfector swings. Answer: Adjust the shutters and check whether the motor rotates or not. Slippery. 8. How to maintain and maintain the air disinfection machine for kindergarten A: 1. Check the manual first, and then follow the operation steps of the manual, such as flushing the electric field with clean water, and drying the water before putting it in; 2. The initial effect filter is cleaned with a brush or The air gun blows clean. 9. Why does the machine shell sometimes feel electric shock? Answer: The machine is leaking electricity. This is because the grounding is unreliable or the input power supply has no protective ground. After connecting the ground wire, try again to see if this phenomenon occurs. 10. What are the main functions of the air disinfection machine for kindergarten? Answer: Sterilization, disinfection, dust removal, formaldehyde removal, TVOC, and harmful gases. For details, please refer to our product instructions.
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