Understand several blunders that environmental protection decorates attaches great importance to the decoration pollution

by:Funglan     2020-10-31
Know several blunders that environmental protection decoration decoration pollution in addition to some of the outdoor air pollution has caused attention, some indoor decorate also cannot ignore, now a family to decorate pollution problems become a problem, we compare the headache can be a hazard to human health safety & other; Invisible killer & throughout; , we all know that the family is decorated is toxic, but less poison from know, some use environmental protection decoration materials are toxic substances exceeds bid badly, is in fact a lot of people went into the environmental protection the myth that decorate, the main error are the following: 1, toxic substances mainly come from board and furniture, instead of cement. Fact: wood, natural plant was non-toxic, due to the plate and wood furniture is the glue adhesive, glue contains large amounts of formaldehyde and benzene, thus toxic timber from the glue instead of wood, accounts for only part of the decoration, and furniture plate part of the source of toxic or home outfit. 2, plank, furniture toxic cannot cure, wearing gray metope is small. Fact: metope is one of the most important link in domestic outfit, not only the area is large, and enveloped the room. Powder was non-toxic, but when the modulation putty need a large amount of chemical glue and cause toxic; We and wrong think wearing grey is small, which leads to the use inferior glue in great quantities, make the room air. 3, after decorating Windows additional ventilation. Fact: because with the toxic chemical glue and cause plank and furniture, glue the formaldehyde release time for up to 5 years to 15 years, open window of a few months is useless. 4, glue is made of formaldehyde and benzene, does not contain formaldehyde and benzene. Fact: with the rapid development of science and technology, does not contain the formaldehyde and benzene health vegetable gum have the state environmental protection product quality supervision and testing center inspection certification, and put into production, will slowly instead of chemical adhesive containing formaldehyde and benzene. According to expert introduction, & lsquo; Indoor environment pollution & rsquo; Has become the & other; Soot pollution & throughout; And & other Photochemical pollution & throughout; After the world's third largest air pollution. Specializing in the production of semiconductor air sterilizer environment, the bane of indoor decoration pollution, so to speak, in decorating a area to install the product, can remove the harmful gas of said above, protect everyone's physical and mental health. Products according to the different types can be divided into four kinds: mobile, wall, cabinet and series, such as type suction a top with a temperature and humidity sensor, according to air quality automatic function, purification disinfection is an organic whole, welcome new and old customers advisory negotiate! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of indoor decoration pollution solution, etc
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