Understand the difference between the ordinary wall-mounted air conditioning and air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-26
Wall-mounted air-conditioner into already, we go to the residents nearby can see rows and rows of air conditioner, refrigeration in summer, winter warm, who see who love. Air conditioning can for us to have a comfortable and relaxed environment, if you are using for a long time didn't get clean, clean will also bring some negative effects, we all know that the SARS, bird flu, swine flu can be spread through the air, such as the droplets, sneezing, spitting and so on. As we all know, in the wind, the indoor air and outside air circulation. Then wall-mounted air-conditioner often appear a phenomenon is used for a long time easy to accumulate dust, blown out at this moment not only fresh, but also affects air quality. We looked at the roadside small barbecue fan, a layer of oil in time a few days in the above; And the fan in life, such as the kitchen of the pumping unit is we can be clear at a glance, very dirty wall-mounted air-conditioner is the same, it is easy to accumulate dust, wind blowing out of air pollution, the influence is healthy. We see a wall-mounted air-conditioner dust harm energy loss: a, wall-mounted air-conditioner by outlet, vents distributed wind, interior space is relatively closed, and inside the accumulation of dust outside can't see, there are bacteria, viruses, we usually use is invisible to the naked eye. So the derivative of the dust and bacteria with the air conditioning wind blows to the every corner of the room, because indoor, air cycle, easy to form a whole and indoor pollution for a long time, and everyone with bacteria, also easy to cause respiratory disease. Second, the relative to energy, if you keep an eye on the air conditioner will over time, power consumption is also strengthened. Why this happen? We all know that no deal with dust, time is long too much dust, outlet blockage, so inevitable effect of wall-mounted air-conditioner function decline, then we will adjust the temperature increasing, and cause a lot of unnecessary energy consumption. To find the reason, in order to prevent secondary pollution. Environmental specializing in the production of wall-mounted air disinfection machine, whether medical or commercial and household may be, for particulate matter cycle, dust float in the air circulation purification can remove & ge; 98. 50%, at present our country for air conditioning use frequently, but very little to clean up, some even from installation to machine scrap didn't clean once. Wall-mounted air sterilizer installation is simple, don't take any interior space, convenient cleaning, to wash two integrated plate. Environment in this, though the line is not long, but it is quite rich experience, has served many large hospitals, hotels, office buildings, Banks, government departments, etc. , more about air disinfection machine, wall-mounted air sterilizer, central air conditioning air disinfector, air disinfector, plasma air sterilization machine type suction a top details, welcome to inquire. Hope the environment to bring you and your family a health insurance, also hope everyone finds peace in his home happy, healthy body, all the luck, peace!
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