Use of bed unit disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
1. The general working process of the bed unit disinfection machine:    1. First, the air in the bed unit (the bed unit is sealed in a disinfection bed cover or a disinfection bag) is drawn out by an air pump to form an approximate vacuum (to reach full contact between the ozone and the bed unit); 2. The stainless steel enamel ozone tube produces ozone gas, and the ozone gas is filled into the bed unit through an air pump for disinfection;    3. After the disinfection is completed, the remaining ozone gas in the bed unit is extracted by the air pump, and the oxygen is analyzed and reduced by the ozone analysis device.  2. Precautions for the use of bed unit disinfection machine   1. Lay the bedding on the bed flat, put the pillow on the middle part of the bed, take out the disinfection bed cover, open it, and lay it flat on the bed to be disinfected.   Note: Visually check whether there are holes and air holes in the disinfection bed cover. Those who are damaged cannot use it, or use a new bed cover or stick the damaged area with adhesive tape before use. Ensure the fully sealed disinfection method. There is no ozone leakage during the disinfection process.  2, roll the four sides of the sterilized bed cover under the mattress and press the mattress or zip up (if using a sterile bag, put the bedding, sheets, etc. into the bed cover and zip up).   Note: Put the air nozzle of the disinfection bed cover up to facilitate operation.  3. Push the bed unit sterilizer to a suitable position beside the bed, remove the trachea of u200bu200bthe sterilizer from the machine, open the sterilizing bed cover air nozzle, and then insert the tracheal head into the opened air nozzle.   Note: Confirm that the tracheal head and the gas nozzle are inserted correctly.  4. Confirm that the power supply should meet the requirements of electromechanical technical parameters, and can only be used if it meets the requirements.   5. Plug the power cord into a nearby reliable three-core power socket (it is strictly forbidden to share the socket with other electrical appliances).   Note: It is prohibited to use in flammable and explosive places.   6. Do not place the bed unit ozone sterilizer next to precision instruments and under electromagnetic fields to avoid electromagnetic interference.  7. In order to ensure the safety of people and machines, please pay attention to well grounding the protective grounding wire of the machine.   8. Turn on the power switch on the upper back of the sterilizer. At this time, the LCD panel is bright, and the machine enters the standby state. 9. This machine can output dual channels at the same time, disinfect two beds at the same time, or only one bed. 10. In case of special patients suffering from infectious diseases, the bed unit shall use disposable disinfection bedspreads for disinfection treatment;   11. The disinfection process is about 35min) after registration.  12. When the ozone disinfection machine of the bed unit fails when the lines are intact, report it to the logistics and notify the instrument maintenance personnel immediately, and report to the head nurse, make a record, and hang up the instrument failure identification.  13. If the ozone disinfection machine in the bed unit disinfection machine has no smell during use or the accumulated disinfection time reaches 20,000h (it can disinfect about 8500 bed units), it is necessary to replace the ozone generator or purchase a new bed unit disinfection machine.
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