Use skills│Wall-mounted air disinfection machine manufacturer

by:Funglan     2021-03-14
Heilongjiang Harbin Use Skills│Heilongjiang Harbin Wall-mounted Air Sterilizer Manufacturer The 'Wall-mounted Air Sterilizer' developed by the manufacturer of Heilongjiang Harbin has the functions of purifying dust particles in the air and disinfecting and sterilizing. The sterilization rate reached 99.99% in the actual use process of Harbin Hospital in Heilongjiang. The dust removal rate for the air of Harbin Hospital in Heilongjiang reached 96%. 'Wall-mounted air disinfection machine' is widely used in the operating room, ICU, delivery room, supply room, hemodialysis room and other places of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital. The following manufacturers introduce the use of 'wall-mounted air disinfection machine1. 'Wall-mounted air disinfection machine' Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital use precautions: 1. Do not exceed the maximum use space of 'Wall-mounted air sterilizer2. To ensure the airtightness of the disinfection room in Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital, doors and windows should be closed before starting the 'wall-mounted air disinfection machine3. To maintain the sanitation in the disinfected room, users of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital need to clean the floor of the disinfected room, the wall of the disinfected room and the surface of the objects in the room. 2. 'Wall-mounted air sterilizer' Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital disinfection mode selection: 1. Automatic disinfection mode: the disinfection machine has 6-stage automatic switch function, which can be set to the peak period of daily traffic in the disinfection room of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital, or Set for daily disinfection. 2. Temporary disinfection mode: mainly for the temporary operation of users in the disinfection room of Harbin Hospital in Heilongjiang, to disinfect the air with man and machine. 3. Intelligent disinfection mode: Through the sensory control system, the disinfection room of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital will be automatically turned on and disinfected or stopped automatically. 3. 'Wall-mounted air disinfection machine' Maintenance of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital: 1. Clean the surface of the disinfection machine. When cleaning the disinfection machine, users of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital should cut off the power supply first to prevent detergents and liquids from entering the disinfection machine. 2. When the disinfection machine is working, the user of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital should keep the disinfection machine free of obstructing objects outside the air inlet and outlet. 3. When an alarm prompt appears on the display screen of the disinfector, the user of Heilongjiang Harbin Hospital needs to troubleshoot the fault according to the alarm prompt or contact the manufacturer to solve it.
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