User how to reasonably select hospital air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-25
Now in the domestic manufacturer of medical air sterilization machine, hundreds of hospitals in the choice of most tend to some old brand, brand in the mind at ease, for you to use brand of course the price is expensive, this will also cause the budget overruns. Also some hospitals also can find some cheap, but again not rest assured the quality of the products or disinfection effect. So how to reasonably choose the be affordable, disinfection effect and product quality is guaranteed? 1, check the disinfection space volume: first before purchasing disinfection machine need to look at ourselves to disinfect the size of the room, each medical air disinfection machine has a scope ( Medical standard air disinfection machine, in the ministry of health production license approval documents will be explicitly specify the types of applicable space volume and disinfection disinfection standard time) , whether this range in their space within a volume, disinfection disinfection to the application of the standards must be in accordance with the model space to configure the volume, a fulfilled, will have to configure two or more joint use, or with a bigger specification to replace. 2, check the air disinfection vendors would qualification and product certificate: it is estimated that there are now hundreds of production air disinfection factory in China, but a lot of manufacturers is not medical supplies, supplies, but people if it is civil air sterilizer, prices are generally lower than those of medical air disinfection machine so much that it must pay attention to, if the purchasing civil or household air disinfection machine, to sterilize in hospital, it is entirely up to the mark, namely ornament. How to distinguish whether the standard of medical air sterilization machine, first look at manufacturer's qualification certificate, business license, generally have shown on the second watch product certificate, on September 10, 2009 the state food and drug administration issued a document: the food drug safety machinery 【 2009 】 No. 582 hospital medical indoor air disinfection equipment management about adjusting the notice, the file specified is no longer as the management of medical equipment, medical air disinfection equipment alone but have a unified management of ministry of health, as a result, medical air sterilizer no longer belongs to the medical apparatus and instruments, purchasing the air disinfection equipment would be no need for manufacturers to produce medical device registration certificate, but the need of the People's Republic of China ministry of health disinfection equipment production license approval documents as well as the national health department of health issued by authoritative test department authorized the sterilization effect of microbial inspection report, medical air disinfection machine are detailed microbiological testing report machine after disinfection, indoor colony number. Therefore, in choosing medical hospital air disinfection machine, as long as this product has the approval documents of the ministry of health and disinfection effect of microbial inspection report, the application of the model space can satisfy the need to disinfect room size, it can be at ease completely purchase, so that not only ensure the indoor air disinfection effect and will not get punished by health investigation qualification problems. ( Company specializing in the r&d, production, sales, After) Medical air disinfection machine, central air disinfection purification plant for the integration of high and new science and technology co. , LTD. , factory direct sale, complete qualification certificates, and cheap, welcome the masses of the user consultation order)
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