Using air disinfection machine tutorial

by:Funglan     2020-11-05
Do not think to buy the air sterilization disinfection machine can easily, if you use the incorrect and non-standard may also appear without effect. Below is the small make up to you to introduce how to correctly use air sterilizer. A, combined with the actual situation to buy to choose a suitable air disinfection machine if air pollution is very serious, PM2 to purify the air. 5, efficient air sterilizer, can be used to ensure good disinfection purification effect, if the air quality is good, there is no need to use air purifier, in the summer and winter to use add wet effect of air disinfection machine, the effect will be better. 2, timely cleaning and maintenance use longer, sometimes will appear jams phenomenon, so be timely clean it filter, sometimes it will be a signal indication, if a lot of dust, will be timely and smooth dust collecting plate. Three, at the time of use to close the window to close the window or you will not purifying effect, and also to filter bad very quickly, but also pay attention to the area of its use, if your area is very big, don't choose small, generally, it indicate that the area of use, do not use the bathroom and kitchen, because in the humid and lampblack, not suitable for use, each month with a brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean screen pack, don't use water to clean. Four, to pay attention to its purification effect if we after opening, the feel is faulty, or is the ability to find its purification has declined, manufacturer shall timely make environment professional personnel to repair. Should pay attention to if have add wet effect of air disinfection machine, don't use in rainy season or sauna, where the humidity is very big, can affect its disinfection purification effect, if it's ozone disinfection, had better not when someone USES in the house, the general air disinfection machine, if one was no longer room, not to use it for a long time to eliminate formaldehyde. Fifth, pay attention to safety when used to stay away from the walls or furniture, don't let the children touch, because there are plenty of static adsorption, avoid electric shock, but also far away from the fire source and cigarette butts, do not catch fire, also do not put in writes too close. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, etc
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