Uv hurt not extinguish patients with 'small' tingible new virus again in groups

by:Funglan     2020-10-15
Uv hurt not extinguish & other; Patients with small & throughout; Simply group tingible new virus the other day we see the news to release ultraviolet the seriousness of the harm, at the same time we also attaches great importance to children's health and safety and the safety facilities design and use of the installation. A wave of open something new, & other; Patients with small & throughout; Easy to dye the new virus again in groups, have air sterilizer can help to? Along with the know details below small make up? According to the small make up through the information network learned that recently a lot of children have developed symptoms of fever, vomiting, sore throat, the school for a month, had appeared district emergency clinic. Than at any time during the summer holidays with the situation, school this month, children has increased significantly. Many parents are wondering: why do the baby into the YuanHou always sick? According to the Chinese pre-school education, deputy director of professional committee of infant health point of view is that before the baby into the garden, parents of home care tend to be more careful. In kindergarten, if the teacher to cultivate child dress himself, waiting time will be longer. First of all, would increase the likelihood of catch cold catch cold; In addition, children into YuanHou, contact the collective life and increase in the number of opportunities in public places, cross also increases the risk of infections. Especially for some young children just live a collective life, and seasonal changes to various infectious diseases. Disease (HFMD) and herpangina gastrointestinal infectious diseases and so on are even cause of children's fever, report to the emergency in the middle of the night. Susceptibility of allergic constitution children very much, is strong, the upper respiratory tract infection easily, and irregular life, malnutrition and so on reasons, easy to bacterial infection. Some children in the kindergarten to the graduation was never sick, and some children can repeatedly sick, and a cold children also tend to be concentrated in the group of immunity weaker susceptibility in the baby. In addition, the smaller the age, the lower the immunity, so 2 s in kindergarten children are more prone to infection, and large children basic not sick. ” Relevant experts remind parents, in the physical, each baby from the diaspora life suddenly into the cluster of life, any one of the children are susceptible to illness to other children. So, before the baby care, parents should first have a look at your child's vaccination. For many parents & other recent attention; Herpangina for hand, foot and mouth disease namely & throughout; , pediatric hospital affiliated to fudan university infection related professional doctor noted, herpangina for infectious disease, its symptoms of acute fever, sore throat, early may be accompanied by a runny nose, inspection can be found that children with some small grain size of the oral mucosa ulcer. Herpangina and hand, foot and mouth disease pathogen, are made of the same kind of virus infection ( Enterovirus infections) Cause, but different in clinical symptom, the site also differ. “ With hand, foot and mouth disease, suffering from herpangina children's hands and feet and hips are generally not herpes, parents do not need to panic. ” Experts say, generally speaking, after the winter and spring seasons, herpangina will gradually increase trend, mainly occur among children under the age of seven, and spring and summer is the season of the disease. Recently, the hot weather, poor indoor air circulation, bacteria and virus reproduction, sharply to bacteria and viruses enter the pediatric respiratory tract that cause disease. The general course of three to four days, the vast majority of people in the symptoms will gradually disappear within 7 days. YuHui said herpangina there is no specific drug treatment, the treatment principle is antiviral treatment, pharyngeal spraying some antiviral drugs in children. And to prevent the disease will need to wash their hands, less to the public, indoor ventilation, the most important is to strengthen exercise, enhance children's resistance. If discover the child has symptoms such as headache, shock, will go to hospital in time. Above we know that little patients originally frail, all because of poor immunity, bacteria, virus transmitted cause as a result, the first two we can supplement nutrition, adequate intake of vitamin C, enhance immunity. For children infected with the bacteria have to out less as far as possible, don't go to kindergarten, so as not to infect others. On a diet, because of the pharyngeal pain, difficulty swallowing, to eat more digestible liquid or semi-liquid, such as milk, rice porridge, fruit juice, etc. , can also eat more fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. So we face the bacteria viruses can keep children away from the source of infection, frequent hand washing, regular disinfection, indoor ventilation, to cut off the infection; Here we can install the kindergarten air disinfection machine, timing indoor disinfection purification, improve the quality of kindergarten indoor air, to destroy bacteria reproduction and transmission; Professional research and development production sales and service of air sterilizer manufacturers, select air disinfection purification machine to better protect the health of children.
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