UV ultraviolet sterilization will be affected by temperature

by:Funglan     2020-10-31
We talked about before & lt; < What is what is ultraviolet C band ultraviolet disinfection & gt; > Let us know the composition of ultraviolet (UV) light structure, today small make up and share under UV ultraviolet sterilization will be affected by temperature? Relative humidity of the influence of the reaction rate constant is a controversial problem, some kind of UV attenuation rate with the increase of relative humidity, and other research has shown that UV ultraviolet light speed increasing attenuation of impact. Recent studies show that the attenuation rate, the relative humidity of the following three kinds of bacteria, in order to reduce uv exposure. At present, the data can be quantified in any way. UV disinfection in the indoor environment, indoor air disinfection air recirculation, defined as income below 60% relative humidity ( RH) The scope of work comfort zone. Can change a lot, however, depends on the nature of the UV disinfection is located in the air handling unit, relative humidity. UV efficiency effects of relative humidity control of a way, to want to install the UVI RH system can determine the position, of course, more information about the results of the study of reproductive health of RH modeling quantitative results. Adequately address the phenomenon of another factor is impossible, UV ultraviolet irradiation in the process of repair themselves after the operation, air sterilizer, microbes and exposure to the visible light occurs may lead to the percentage of the population of UV inactivated a significant recovery of damage to the light of the resurrection of microorganisms. Microbial research in the air, but water based UV ultraviolet limit the length of the experimental data. Attenuation of mycobacterium tuberculosis said in liquid suspension of UV exposure, to reduce the effect of exposure to light at the same time. Table 1, the same study shows that the population of the microorganism in the air, basically restored, UV ultraviolet air disinfector parameter of the crew, and defines the channel width L? L the height of the pipe? LR piping length, arc length ( The end of = X light coordinates) LP UV lamp power ML2 / T3 tons of exposure time T * LL lamp light radius end point coordinates, the light above the bottom surface of L L? Or distance, X = 0, Y - The queen's serious long arc lamp/bass) , Z position or distance pipe inlet Reynolds number of air, lost or turbulence on the position of the lamp? UVGI rate constant T2, relative humidity/MT air temperature speed ( Outdoor, visible light) 1 / Tρ Surface reflection live scores 350 HVAC&R research air flow rate Q M3 / T enough time. , the change of relative humidity RH conformal DNA separation effect, a series of RH or more microbes, allows you to experience, your evidence is reduced about 65%. The above data that we can understand that UV ultraviolet light in some cases will be affected by temperature, only personal point of view, if there are any shortcomings, you can leave a message small make up perfect will change in time!
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