Villa ceiling type air purifier

by:Funglan     2022-01-14
Our brand ceiling air purifier is installed in the living room of a villa, which is simple, beautiful and has high purification efficiency! This ceiling-mounted air purifier is designed by the company's engineers with sheet metal, which subverts the plastic shell body and design appearance of the traditional household air purifier, saves space and has more affinity. The ceiling-mounted air purifier applies multi-layer purification. technology to filter various pollutants. The ceiling-mounted air purifier is equipped with a multi-layer filter. This air purifier pre-filter effectively removes large particles of dust, mold and animal hair and protects other filters. The high-voltage electrostatic filtration of ceiling-mounted air purifiers can eliminate harmful odors, volatile organic compounds, floating dust, odors in the kitchen and bathroom, such as smoking, food waste, animal fur, toilet odor, etc. The last gas filter of the ceiling air purifier is used to filter fine dust and harmful gases. If the new house has just been renovated, this ceiling air purifier also has a special formaldehyde removal filter. It is worth mentioning that the company's ceiling-mounted air purifier also has many humanized elements. The intelligent control panel, equipment timing and human body sensing functions are all major features. The ceiling-mounted air purifier can be washed with water. The cost of use is greatly reduced.
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