Wall-mounted air disinfection machine applied in kindergarten

by:Funglan     2020-11-09
Wall-mounted air sterilizer application we all know that children in the kindergarten are very likely to get sick, cold, easy to infection, especially now the air quality is bad, the child often stay in place, including schools, playgrounds, home and other places, to keep the environment health, conditional also can install air disinfector, below for you about the air disinfection machine in kindergarten: one, the air quality in kindergarten is the place that most children stay, air quality is very important, so the kindergarten to achieve what kind of standard, the children don't infection through the air? Kindergarten air bacteria under control all the year round in 500, the epidemic season or special occasions, should be under control in 200. 2, air disinfector in kindergarten use, can be done: 1, the control of the total number of bacteria in air below 500 cfu/m3, special circumstances control under 200 cfu/m3, it almost never happen air bacteria spread disease. 2, control the PM2 in air. Concentration of 5 O. 01 mg/m3, bacteria is dependent on the dust, control the concentration of dust particles in the air, can effectively control the total number of bacteria in the air. 3, control of harmful gas concentration in the air, especially formaldehyde, benzene class decoration pollution, such as conditional should control ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide at the same time, in order to protect the children's health and immunity to improve children's resistance to disease. 4, make indoor air ventilation rate reached more than 8 times/h. Note: 1, classroom and dormitory and other places to maintain good ventilation; 2, the use of air disinfection machine at present our country many kindergartens are exist in different degrees of bacterial infectious diseases through the air condition, so it is very important to use air disinfector in nursery school, also is inevitable. Few kindergartens have cooperation with us, put into use, the effect is very good, improved air quality, not only the parents do not worry about, learning will also raise up, the mood also good times son! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfector, air purification machine, kindergarten air disinfector, etc
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