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by:Funglan     2021-03-24
Wall-mounted air disinfection machine manufacturer-wall-mounted dynamic air sterilizer price The wall-mounted dynamic air disinfection machine developed and produced by the wall-mounted air disinfection machine manufacturer is designed with reference to the layout of the wall-mounted air conditioner indoor unit. This causes a short-circuit of the airflow organization, and the wall-mounted dynamic air disinfection machine can combine man and machine, that is, consumers often say that the staff work while the disinfection machine disinfects. The wall-mounted dynamic air disinfection machine will not cause damage to the staff and the equipment in the room, is green and environmentally friendly, and realizes the air purification and disinfection of man-machine coexistence, and will not have to shut down the operation of the machine because the staff enters the room. The structure of the wall-mounted wall-mounted wall-mounted air dynamic disinfection machine is mainly composed of filter screen, working air duct, ultraviolet lamp tube, negative ion generator, cross flow fan, intelligent operation monitoring system, and cabinet. The working principle of the wall-mounted wall-mounted UV air disinfection machine: the cross-flow fan sucks part of the dirty air in the disinfection room into the disinfection machine; the large and small dust in the air is filtered through the filter; by installing in the disinfection machine The internal ultra-strong ultraviolet lamp instantly kills bacteria in the flowing air; sends clean air that has been filtered out of dust and bacteria to be returned to the disinfection room, and the clean air flows quickly to purify and sterilize the air; at the same time; Negative oxygen ions refresh the air. Wall-mounted wall-mounted wall-mounted human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine has a direct relationship between the intensity of ultraviolet rays and the disinfection effect, but the air volume of the machine fan, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe machine air outlet, and the air inlet and outlet methods of the machine cannot be ignored. Wall-mounted wall-mounted wall-mounted human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine with better comprehensive performance is a good disinfection machine. Wall-mounted wall-mounted wall-mounted air sterilizer manufacturers sell wall-mounted dynamic air disinfection machines at preferential prices ! For more wall-mounted air disinfection machines, please view:
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