Wall-mounted air disinfection machine principle is introduced air disinfection machine usage

by:Funglan     2020-10-16
Medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine often apply to medical, stations, schools, and so on were more public places. So-called medical air disinfection machine, nature is carried out on the air disinfection sterilization machine, medical room disinfection of air disinfection machine to the hospital are generally use physical or chemical methods to disinfection and elimination of pathogens that spread material in the hospital environment and human body harmful microorganisms, and other team or by disinfection make these harmful substances become harmless to the human body. When the application environment of hospital air sterilizer clean when principle is to use some of the special material, and using the basic principle of the physical to clean up the air in the dust to the environment and eliminate the bacteria in the air for the purpose of the clean air in order to achieve. These are some important medical air disinfection machine work principle, combination of physical and chemical disinfection is complete. Now with the development of science and technology, more and more high-tech sterilization machine has been developed for medicine. So today is to introduce how to use medical air disinfection machine, in the use of air sterilizer what items need to be aware of: about air disinfection method of use: must first put through power supply, if the red light is lit up, is to enter standby state; Then press the switch button, the red light turned green, then air door will automatically open) natural wind; Choose the workings of a disinfectant, ozone disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection, the corresponding indicator will light up; Set the current time, determine the time data to stop and change, to confirm the validity of data. The kinds of medical air sterilization machine is mainly two categories, one kind is ozone disinfection, one kind is ultraviolet disinfection, the formation of ozone in the low concentration of can in a short period of time under the condition of complete oxidation; When in a small quantity of there will be a kind of pure and fresh breath; The latter by ultraviolet irradiation of killing bacteria and germs in the air, to make it with the effect of composition of DNA damage, let them to death or loss of death reproductive ability. Medical air disinfection machine note: 1. The model applies the interior space of disinfection sterilization, do not use hyperspace range. If you can't avoid appropriate increase the sterilization time. 2. Note enclosed room: air disinfection machine work should shut down doors and Windows, keep the room has a good sealing, it is forbidden to irrelevant personnel to enter the dynamic disinfection as far as possible to reduce the indoor personnel quantity, if static disinfection must ensure that no one under the environment, to ensure that the disinfection effect; 3. Pay attention to the interior surface of health: medical air disinfection machine only effective for the bacteria and viruses in the air, the surface without disinfection effect; Ozone disinfection but there is a certain effect, but the effect not beautiful. If indoor surfaces more dust, air disinfection machine will generate secondary dust at work, cause air microbial pollutions, eventually led to the disinfection effect is not ideal in the provision time, even not up to standard, this also is some normal hospital after disinfection normally do bacteria culture is unqualified or bacteria do not reduce instead of increase in the process of disinfection. Before using the air disinfection machine, therefore, should be the best is on the ground, metope is lower and indoor all sorts of surfaces to clean disinfection, disinfection requirements in high environment can also be a month to clean disinfection on metope and end all 1 ~ 2 times, in addition indoor shoulds not be vacuuming or easy dust items such as hanging curtain; 4. The choice of air disinfection boot time: ( 1) Preventive disinfection: using programmable timing disinfection 1 day 2 times, each time the boot 120 min. General arrangement before going to work in the morning before going to work at 6 to 8 PM and 12 PM to 14 points. ( 2) Temporary disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce human activities on the environment in the process of secondary pollution of the air. Generally in personnel activities during the peak, or after the operation, such as replacement clean bed unit, consultation rounds, etc. 5. adopts C band ultraviolet sterilization technology physical filtering disinfection principle, so should avoid to have larger space surrounding disinfection machine item block, in order to ensure smooth air flow, should be protected as much as possible of good air circulation, to indoor cycle the disinfection effect of the wind. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of medical air sterilization machine, wall-mounted air sterilizer, etc
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