Wall-mounted air disinfection machine│Wall-mounted air disinfection machine-operation process-industry news

by:Funglan     2021-03-10
Shaanxi wall-mounted air sterilizer│Xi’an wall-mounted air disinfection machine-operation process Shaanxi Xi’an wall-mounted air sterilizer (wall-mounted air sterilizer) is a kind of fixed air disinfection machine, which is fixedly installed in a room. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine achieves multiple air purification and disinfection in a day and intelligent automatic sensor control operation. Therefore, using the wall-mounted air disinfection machine, the air purification and disinfection effect in the room reaches the standard every day. But how to operate and use wall air disinfection machine skillfully? The following describes how to operate and skillfully use the wall-mounted air disinfector. 1. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine is composed of medium-efficiency filter and activated carbon composite filter. When used for a period of time, the composite filter needs to be cleaned. Open the cover of the wall-mounted air disinfector, remove the composite filter, wash the composite filter, use a hair dryer to dry the composite filter, and then put the filter on Return to the sterilizer, and finally cover the sterilizer cover. If you want the room to have your favorite fragrance, then you can put a few drops of your favorite perfume on the filter after cleaning. 2. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine is air inlet from above and air outlet from below, swinging at all angles. When you don't want the wind to blow to yourself, you can choose the angle of the wind to avoid the wind from your body; when summer comes, you can choose the angle of the wind to aim at yourself, which can be used as a fan. When you need to purify and disinfect the local air in the room, you can also choose the wind angle to aim at the area you need to quickly purify and disinfect, so as to save time. In short, air purification and disinfection are at your disposal. 3. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine is generally suitable for rooms with an area not exceeding 30 square meters. If the room is 40-60 square meters. Then you can install a wall-mounted air disinfector and choose the opposite wall installation. In this way, the advantages of the hanging air disinfection machine are fully embodied: the shape and color are beautiful, the wall does not occupy an area, and it can also play a decorative role. In addition, the noise is particularly low and the price is more cost-effective. For more wall-mounted wall-mounted air disinfection machines, please see: 4. For the setting of the running time of the wall-mounted air disinfection machine, it depends on the air purification and disinfection level requirements of the place of use. For example, in general places, it is enough to set the power on and off 1-2 times a day; but in the case of haze, you can set more sets of power on and off time. If it is used in hospital surgery, under normal circumstances, then the timing switch machine can be set to 3-4 groups every day. When there are more operations, you can choose the temporary power-on function. When the power-on reaches the set time, it will automatically shut down.
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