Wall-mounted air disinfection machine which good?

by:Funglan     2020-10-20
Wall-mounted air disinfection machine which good? When it comes to a wall-mounted air disinfection machine small make up to the most is in front of us a wall-mounted air disinfection machine price, technology, parameters, installation, a comprehensive understanding of the wall under the air sterilizer. The wall-mounted air disinfection plant in the home in addition to the above what advantage? With other manufacturers than in where? We take a look at how small make up analysis? First of all, we still want to see any advantages of the product? After-sales service? Hanging air disinfection machine advantages: 1: cleaning and maintenance reminder; 2:PM2。 5 removal rate more than 90%; 3: negative ion fault automatic detection; 4: display accurate Beijing time; 5: sustainable dynamic dust removal in addition to bacteria, man-machine coexist; 6: super durable steel shell, safe and reliable, materials, environmental protection, no secondary pollution; 7: realize three phase timing, automatic memory, automatic switch machine, the function such as a key to sleep; 8: wind speed, high, medium and low three gears adjustable; 9: manual, automatic timing, three work modes, free and flexible way of disinfection; 10: advanced timing function, according to the needs of different can be a single time, cycle time and normal work any Settings; 11: microcomputer program control, luxurious Chinese backlit LCD screen; 12: motor fault alarm; 13: uv lamp working malfunction automatically detect; 14: technology: plasma sterilization dust removal device, photocatalytic sterilization in addition to odor, dust removal, lysozyme and aseptic technique; 15: when the uv lamp fails, the standby uv lamp automatic support; 16: unique to the Japanese original intelligent sensing technology, can monitor air quality at the same time, temperature, humidity, direct according to monitoring results, according to the detection results of intelligent operation, automatic catch dust and bacteria. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine application: family: sitting room, horizontal, infants and children room and so on. Company: office, conference room, computer room and reception room. Factory workshop, the buffer room, storeroom, locker room, channel. Food: health products workshop, production workshop, packing workshop and warehouse, etc. Pharmaceutical factory, sterile, buffer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, studio and dressing rooms. Banks, stock exchange, office, computer room, business hall, hall of money library, etc. Public places: office buildings, theaters, hotels, entertainment, beauty salon, bus and train. Scientific research: electronic clean rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, the buffer room, warehouse, studio and dressing rooms. Company since its inception, always adhere to the road of independent innovation, insist on & other Leading technology, quality and efficient, customer first, keep about & other; Philosophy and quality policy, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the company. Company currently has brought together the national famous old experts and professional scientific research personnel engaged in the work of disinfection product research and development. Comprehensive advanced technology and experience of the developed countries in the world, with the demand of China's national conditions and the health care industry, innovative design, has successfully developed a unique performance, air disinfection purification equipment has the domestic leading level. “ Professional skill, high quality service & throughout; Is the company's eternal purpose, to provide our customers & other Zero defect & throughout; Products and considerate service is the company's every employee unswerving goal. In addition, compared to other products, 1. Material: air disinfection machine part adopts the metal shell exquisite and durable; 2. Use technology: using the domestic advanced semiconductor technology, has the unique patented technology certificates; 3. Built-in structure design is different: wall-mounted air disinfection machine adopts design for easy cleaning maintenance, more convenient customer maintenance and prolong service life. Welcome to visit to review the choose and buy, more consultation please call website hotline, 24 hours of uninterrupted service for you!
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