Wall-mounted air purifiers clean indoor air for you!

by:Funglan     2022-01-15
Wall-mounted air purifiers remind you of the sources of indoor air pollution: 1. Outdoor air pollution. Pollutants directly enter classrooms through doors and windows, especially around factories and school classrooms near roads, which are more affected. The main pollutants are dust particles, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and so on. 2. The body excretes. The human body metabolizes the exhaled waste gas, excretes sweat, sneezes, droplets, etc., which is easy to cause cross-infection of viruses and microorganisms. 3. Building decoration materials and furniture. The decoration materials contain formaldehyde, benzene, esters and other substances as well as heavy metal ions. 4. Interior items. For example, the refills, printing and copying paper, correction fluid, etc. with added fragrance will also release various organic compounds, which are harmful to health. Long-term exposure to indoor environments with poor air quality is prone to: fatigue and weakness, unrefreshed mind, distracted thinking, headache, eye fatigue, memory loss, poor sleep, irritability, depression, palpitations and palpitation and other sub-health symptoms. How to improve indoor air quality? 1. Plan reasonably and stay away from polluted areas. 2. Use green building materials to reduce decoration pollution. 3. More ventilation to accelerate indoor air circulation. 4. Choose to install an effective indoor air purifier, especially in the cold autumn and winter seasons with fewer windows. Our wall-mounted air purifier is composed of air inlet, pre-filtration system, high-efficiency filtration system, fan, two-stage high-voltage electrostatic field, impregnated activated carbon mesh, negative ion generator and other components. The pre-filtration system first intercepts and filters the coarse dust in the air. Generally, the dust of about 5-6 microns can be completed by the pre-filtration system. The established two-stage high-voltage electrostatic field has the best dust collection effect and the largest dust collection area. When the dirty air enters the electric field pole area, the electrostatic field immediately polarizes the dust, bacteria, aerosols and other impurities in the air, making them charged. The converted pollutants are effectively absorbed by the pole pieces in the dust collection area. Finally, impregnated activated carbon is set up to adsorb foul gas molecules. 1. Dust removal, sterilization and purification in electronic dust collection room: Scientific experiments have shown that the bacterial cells are negatively charged. When entering a high-voltage negative electric field, the bacteria are first polarized and negatively charged, and then enter the dust collection area to be polluted. The high-voltage positive electric field attracts, and the bacterial cysts are immediately neutralized and decomposed under the action of the positive electric field, so as to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. The bacteria in the air are almost completely killed when passing through the electric field, which is the unique function of electronic sterilization. High-efficiency purifier: a high-tech electronic air purifier, its electronic dust chamber (8100 volts in the front, 4050 volts in the rear) is equipped with 71 dust collectors with a distance of only 3.5mm. It is integrally formed and manufactured with patented technology. It has the lightest weight and the largest dust collection area. It can filter out bacteria, dust, cigarettes, viruses and other pollution within the indoor particle size of 0.01μm (μm: one millionth of a meter). Dust efficiency is as high as 99%. 2. Negative oxygen ions purifying and refreshing function: Negative oxygen ions are called 'air vitamins'. The increase of negative oxygen ions in the air can increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to blood oxygen transport, promotes human metabolism, improves human immunity, and makes People feel comfortable. At the same time, negative oxygen ions can combine with bacteria, pollutants, nitrogen oxides, and reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) generated by cigarettes in the air, and have the effect of sterilization and purification. Wall-mounted air purifiers focus on classroom air quality and escort hope. It is recommended to choose a ceiling-mounted air purifier, which is embedded and installed without taking up space. The equipment adopts air purification technology that integrates filtration, static electricity, adsorption, and negative ions. Efficient purification of PM2.5, sterilization and disinfection, fresh indoor air.
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