Wall-mounted medical air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-31
The air volume of the wall-mounted medical air sterilizer is related to the number of air changes in the sterilized room. The air volume of the sterilizer is generally 10 times or more of the volume of the sterilized room; the wind speed (or air supply distance) of the air outlet of the air sterilizer refers to the sterilizer The farthest distance that the treated clean air can be sent. Whether the wall-mounted medical air sterilizer forms a fast, non-dead corner, and uniform air flow in the disinfection room. At this point, the air volume of the sterilizer fan, the air speed of the sterilizer air outlet, and the air supply distance are not repeated here. Imagine if the air disinfection machine enters the air vertically downwards, and exhausts the air vertically upwards, the clean air treated by the disinfector is sent to the ceiling of the room and then turned back down, and then returned to the inside of the disinfector by the fan of the Shenzhen wall-mounted air sterilizer. Does the sterilizer form a fast, non-dead corner, and uniform air distribution in the room? As long as you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to get the correct answer, that is, the airflow organization of the sterilizer has formed a short circuit. In summary, the strength of the sterilization factor in the wall-mounted air sterilizer in Shenzhen is directly related to the disinfection effect, but pneumatic layout factors such as the air volume of the medical air disinfection machine, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe air outlet of the sterilizer, and the air inlet and outlet methods of the sterilizer cannot be ignored.
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