Wall-mounted plasma air disinfection machine protects children's health

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
Wall-mounted Plasma Air Sterilizer The wall-mounted plasma sterilizer developed to escort children's health can effectively sterilize the air, degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air, and create a clean and comfortable environment for children. The company adheres to the principle of serving the rooms, and continuously promotes new products to provide customers with higher quality and more satisfactory air disinfection machines. Childhood is the formal stage of growth and development of children. Children’s immunity will improve at this stage, but they are still prone to illness. How to protect children's health and reduce the chance of children getting sick? This is of course inseparable from the environment in which the child lives. Mom and Dad will protect the baby well at home, but germs grow everywhere outside. In addition to staying at home, children stay in kindergartens. There are so many babies in kindergartens, and the teachers cannot take care of so many babies at the same time. How to keep the air in the kindergarten clean? Plasma air disinfection machine is essential! The plasma air sterilizer developed is mainly composed of (initial effect + medium effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, high-pressure plasma, working air duct, ultra-strong ultraviolet lamp tube, ultra-quiet fan, LCD operation monitoring system, and cabinet. The high-pressure plasma acts on the surface of various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to produce electrical shear force greater than the surface tension of the cell membrane, which destroys the cell membrane and causes the death of microorganisms; at the same time, high-intensity ultraviolet rays can be selected for synergistic sterilization. The provided wall-mounted plasma air disinfection machine can effectively kill germs and provide protection of the living environment for children with extremely low immunity. The plasma air disinfection machine is the first choice for sterilization and childcare in kindergartens.
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