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by:Funglan     2021-03-09
What are the advantages of ceiling-mounted plasma air disinfection machine manufacturer in Heilongjiang operating room? Harbin, Heilongjiang is an important sales market for 'ceiling-type plasma air disinfection machinesWhy is the ceiling plasma air disinfection machine developed and produced so popular? Excellent product quality is one of the main factors. In addition, the embedded plasma air disinfection machine is hidden and hoisted in the mezzanine between the ceiling and the roof. This installation method will not affect the decoration layout of the room, because of the ceiling-mounted medical air disinfection With this unique design of the device, the medical operating room room first consider installing and purchasing this plasma air sterilizer. Advantages of medical ceiling air disinfection machine: 1. The medical ceiling air sterilizer has a compact structure and a small volume. It is suitable for installation in the ceiling and reduces installation space. 2. The medical ceiling-mounted air disinfection machine has wide-angle air supply on all sides, and the air is purified and disinfected quickly, which can effectively improve the air quality. 3. Intelligent control system, remote control for remote operation. 4. The medical ceiling plasma air disinfection machine is installed in the ceiling. Only the air inlet and outlet of the disinfection machine can be seen, but the complete indoor plasma air disinfection machine cannot be seen. The room where this plasma air disinfection machine is installed has a higher floor. 5. The medical ceiling plasma air disinfection machine has a certain degree of innovation in design. It can be installed on the ceiling when it is installed, which can realize wide-angle air supply from all sides. With this design, its speed regulation is very fast. 6. The panel of the medical ceiling plasma air disinfection machine is fixed by a special method, and there are sealing materials to enhance the airtightness. This panel structure has better performance in terms of noise reduction and strength, and is suitable for places with higher air quality requirements. The installation of the ceiling type embedded ceiling type ceiling air disinfection machine is very convenient, the quality is stable and reliable, and the service life will be longer. The ceiling-mounted recessed ceiling-mounted air sterilizer adopts an innovative plasma air sterilizer design concept and has become the choice of more consumers in Shenyang, Liaoning. This type of ceiling-mounted recessed ceiling-mounted medical air sterilizer is suitable for larger areas, and the maximum area for a single machine is about 50 square meters. More plasma air disinfection machine view: http:// Installation steps of medical embedded air disinfection machine: 1. Fix four expansion bolts at the corresponding position on the ceiling, and fix L or U-shaped angle iron on the expansion bolts. 2. Four hanging rods of appropriate length pass through the angle iron, and the other end is hung on the four hanging fixed feet of the medical embedded air disinfection machine. 3. Adjust the height of the cassette plasma air sterilizer.
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