What are the advantages of plasma air sterilizers?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14

is mainly used for air disinfection, suitable for hospitals, factories, and some special occasions that need disinfection. At present, the common medical air sterilizers on the market are mainly divided into three categories, one is ultraviolet sterilizer, one is ozone sterilizer, and the other is plasma air sterilizer. The plasma air sterilizer uses a super ion generator to instantly stimulate trillions of positive and negative ions, which can efficiently sterilize, and the plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is extremely strong. So what are the advantages of the plasma air sterilizer? Let me introduce to you below.

What are the advantages of the plasma air sterilizer:

1. Efficient sterilization

The plasma sterilization effect is extremely strong, and the action time is short, which is a high Ultraviolet light is nowhere near as good.

2. Efficient degradability

While the plasma sterilizer sterilizes the air, it can also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air. The test report of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 24 Degradation rate within hours: formaldehyde 91%, benzene 93%, ammonia 78%, xylene 96%. At the same time, it can effectively remove pollutants such as flue gas and smoke smell.

3. Environmental protection

Plasma sterilization works continuously without generating ultraviolet rays and ozone. , to avoid the secondary pollution of the environment.

4. Long service life

Under normal use, the plasma sterilizer has a service life of 15 years, while the UV sterilizer is only 5 years old.

5. Low energy consumption

The power of the plasma air sterilizer is 1/3 of that of the ultraviolet sterilizer, which is very power-saving. For a room of 150m³, the plasma machine is 150W, and the ultraviolet machine is more than 450W, and the electricity bill is more than 1,000 yuan a year.

6. One-time investment is free of consumables for life

The ultraviolet disinfection machine needs to replace a batch of lamps in about 2 years, and the cost is nearly 1,000 yuan. The plasma sterilizer requires no consumables for life.

The above content is an introduction to the advantages of plasma air sterilizers. Plasma air sterilizers are gradually popularized in our daily life and some industrial places, and their functions are also very powerful. favored by people. It is especially important for some special occasions, such as the operating rooms, neonatal rooms, ICU wards and delivery rooms of some hospitals. These medical places have relatively high air quality requirements, and there are also some industries such as pharmaceutical and food production and packaging workshops. A very necessary disinfection and sterilization equipment, plasma air sterilizer is currently the best medical air sterilizer for purification and disinfection.

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