What are the advantages of plasma commercial air purifiers?

by:Funglan     2022-01-13

Nowadays, the use of air purifiers is very common in life. Everyone buys air purifiers to protect the health and safety of their families. With the continuous advancement of technology, there are still many types of air purifiers in the market, and plasma commercial air purification is a good choice. It not only has a good purification effect, but also does not feel noise when using it. How much do you know about the advantages of plasma commercial air purifiers?

The basis of plasma air technology is that ions are the electric charges contained in molecules or atoms. These ions exist in nature. After the plasma air technology is released, they collide with each other actively. Attacks, inhibits and decomposes the bacteria and mold spores of pollutants in the air, and destroys their particles and planktonic molds, etc., which will form a grape cluster-like ion group, so that you can be in a pollution-free natural environment at any time. , Always breathe fresh and clean air similar to nature, making people feel more comfortable.

Plasma air purifier is an advanced product, which has a good effect in sterilization, formaldehyde removal and toilet deodorization. For example, this ceiling-mounted deodorant purifier has the function of efficiently and actively cleaning the air. Its advantages are:

1. Powerful purification effect

Plasma commercial air purifiers mainly use high-energy electrons to collide with molecules in the air to achieve sterilization and disinfection It can also play a good air evolution effect. In particular, a variety of combined fan systems and filter systems can be used to achieve the characteristics of high purification speed.

It is also possible to use a variety of combined fan systems and filter systems to achieve the characteristics of fast purification. Even in a relatively large space, air purification can be carried out quickly, which brings great benefits to people's lives. convenient.

2. High-efficiency filtration

As we all know, general air purifiers on the market cannot effectively filter formaldehyde and toilet odor, and the effect is very general. Plasma commercial air purifiers can effectively filter air pollutants such as formaldehyde and solid particles, and have a good cleaning effect; in addition, they can also efficiently remove harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses, and are a powerful helper for human health.

The operation of the plasma air purifier is fully automatic, and it also has a very flexible fan operation system, which can effectively save energy, protect the environment, and bring good purification to the air. The effect can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

3. Convenient and fast

Plasma commercial air purifiers use an advanced filter system, so that you can understand the cleanliness of the filter anytime, anywhere, Therefore, when the cleaning effect of the filter screen is poor, it can be replaced in time. It is very simple in maintenance and brings more convenience to our life.

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