What are the central air conditioning air disinfector in air conditioning system

by:Funglan     2020-11-22
What are the central air conditioning air disinfector in air conditioning system of air conditioning system orientation, from the perspective of the construction, property management is undoubtedly of construction equipment. But from the perspective of the health management because it involves the quality of indoor air and the environment, so it is sanitation. And from the perspective of the infectious diseases prevention and control of infectious diseases prevention and control of three key elements: source, transmission channels and sensitive crowd accounts for pollution source and the two transmission channels. Why so small make up today to share with you the use of indoor air purification in addition to bacteria and fungi, central air conditioning air disinfector in air conditioning system what effect is there? We must first understand the spread of the bacteria through the air conditioning system under common epidemic, infectious diseases have dozens of, such as hay fever, meningitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, influenza, the legionnaires' disease, etc. Fungus is a kind of bacteria, however, can cause systemic infection, among them, the life was in danger of deep fungal infection is on the rise at present. Diseases associated with fungal infection had leukemia, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, liver disease, and vitamin, etc. Control the fungus has aroused attention of the medical and health sector. Mold is a kind of fungus, never despise mold contamination. Harmful gases in the air is the result of human words move brings life pollution, industrial pollution, traffic pollution, etc. The harmful gas in the air with sulfur dioxide, chlorine monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulfide, acid gas such as chlorine, ozone oxidation and oxygen gas. These gases in the air in certain conditions, can produce chemical reaction, alkali paper silk relics on the one hand, the catalytic hydrolysis degradation, ruined the paper silk relics of cellulose, paper silk easy to aging, yellow brittle; On the other hand due to the harmful gas produced by liquid, made the words, pictures on the paper and silk relics unloading easy fade, severe ambiguous. We all know that in 2003 of SARS and bird flu, 07 is also transmitted through the air pose a threat to human. The world health organization ( 世卫组织) Think: the total number of bacteria in the air is more than 700 / m3, obvious risk of infection. Worryingly, the total number of bacteria within the building use central air conditioning greatly exceeded the standard, total number of bacteria per cubic meter of some public places reached more than hundreds of thousands. The central air conditioning air disinfector in air conditioning system what effect is there? In the central air conditioning buildings, surrounded by people in bacteria, viruses, is appalling. In such polluted air environment, such as epidemic season, old, weak, sick, young vulnerable populations, such as health would be a serious threat. So the central air conditioning air purification sterilization purify air in the modern society plays a considerable role. Finally, we look at the central air conditioning air disinfector pipe air disinfection work principle: when the air pipe through efficient filter filter out in the early part of particulate matter, by the circulation fan into semiconductor ionization device +, dust in the air bacteria under the effect of ionization device and nuclear power, cell oxidation by ionization, loss of vitality and death, at the same time the dust in the air by the coulomb force, was adsorbed on the dust collection plate, with continuous supply of the circulation fan, are coated with the semiconductor catalysts on ionization device + ( TiO2) By light wave function for ev energy reactor, after the transition to the conduction band and valence bring generated negative oxygen ions and free radicals can accelerate the oxidation of organic material gas decomposition after negative ionization in the semiconductor device = two dust removal, and neutralization to eliminate excessive positively charged ions, due to the continuous supply air circulation disinfection process, produced by the particles again after composite filter adsorption filter, purify air output.
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